TNA Impact Review – March 14, 2024

TNA Impact Review – March 14, 2024

X Division Title Match
Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin kicks Mustafa Ali as he floats over the ropes and kicks Sabin and goes for a roll through the ropes but Sabin superkicks him and they’re both down.

Both get up and Ali picks Sabin on his shoulders but Sabin gets out of it and climbs onto the top turnbuckle. Ali follows him but Sabin gets out of there. Ali hits a moonsault for two.

Ali tries to get to the ropes but Sabin pulls him away then Ali goes to get his X Division Title but Sabin hits him with Clothesline From Hell’s Michigan.

Sabin gets the X Division Title and goes to hit Ali with it but Ali moves out of it and pins him with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner & Still X Division Champion: Mustafa Ali (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

Backstage Gia Miller is with Speedball Mountain & Nick Nemeth. Nemeth says they’re not gentlemen. Trent says he’s come from the British shores to bring some gentlemanliness. Mike Bailey says they’re Speedball Mountain and the Wanted Man and Nemeth says they’re going to the Danger Zone.

Josh Alexander comes out to the ring and gets Walking Weapon chants. Alexander asks why people call him the Walking Weapon. He says it’s because when he’s locked in, he’s the best wrestler on the planet. He says he proved that when he beat Will Ospreay and he proved it when he became the longest reigning champion in history. He talked about relinquishing the TNA World Title with tears in his eyes and he says he’s going to get it back. He says he opened the door for Alex Hammerstone in TNA and he had a fight so good that he got signed to TNA and he was happy for Hammerstone. He says Hammerstone kicked him in the nuts and pinned him. He says Hammerstone also tapped out in the middle of the ring. He says another thing he did was he picked his headgear like it was a trophy. He said Hammerstone thinks his headgear is his identity but it’s his heart that his identity. He says for the 1st time, he’s focused on something other than winning the World Title, he’s focused on kicking his ass. He calls out Hammerstone.

Dirty Dango music plays and Johnny Bravo & Oleg Prudius come out. Bravo says Alexander can say that he lost to Hammerstone but everyone knows he lost because Dango softened him up. Alexander asks where Dango is. Dango comes up from behind and attacks Alexander but Alexander fights him off and throws him out. Oleg Prudius and Josh Alexander get into a brawl and security pull them apart. Santino Marella comes out and calls out a referee and books them in a match immediately.

Josh Alexander vs. Oleg Prudius

Josh Alexander goes for the Ankle Lock and Oleg Prudius taps out.

Winner By Submission: Josh Alexander

Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve comes out and says who he is is simple what he is is complicated. He says a lot of people are recognizing that including Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Joe Hendry all of whom he defeated. He says he is the only one in the roster who every time he comes out to the ring he defends his Digital Media Title. He says there’s not a human alive who can handle that kind of pressure.

PCO’s music plays and PCO goes face 2 face with Crazzy Steve before Steve retreats to the back.

Ace Austin vs. Frankie Kazarian

Ace Austin attacks Frankie Kazarian and flips him over with a monkey flip before Austin hits Kaz with a forearm followed by a springboard single leg kick for a two count.

He goes for The Fold but Kazarian picks him him for Fade To Black but Austin gets out of it for a pin for a two count.

Kazarian runs towards Austin in the corner but Ace moves out of the way and jumps to the middle rope but Kazarian catches him and hits Japanese Ocean Suplex for a two count.

Austin is thrown into the ropes and Kazarian picks him over his shoulders for a Fade To Black but Austin gets out of it and tries for a bridging pin but Kazarian locks in a Crossface Chicken Wing and Ace taps

Winner By Submission: Frankie Kazarian

After the match Kazarian attacks Chris Bey but Eric Young runs in for the save and Kazarian bails from the ring.

We see a video package for The System where TNA World Champion Moose says if you put together everyone in the roster it still doesn’t add up to the accomplishments of The System. A graphic pops up at the bottom of the screen that lists out all the accomplishments of each member as they say it. They say people should trust The System.

Backstage Gia Miller is with Time Machine and she asks what happened last week. Grizzled Young Vets walk in and say the top trio and found out that they’re not the top team in TNA anymore. Alex Shelley says he doesn’t need this and says if they want to prove they’re the best team then they can take on the Time Splitters.

Before the match Joe Hendry gets in the mic and says on paper he should be scared of AJ because he is a giant. But he says AJ is also an artist. He says they’re tough on the outside but on the inside they’re sensitive. He says it’s okay to cry when people say horrible things like AJ sucks and the fans chant AJ sucks. He says the way to turn around is by chanting We believe because they believe in 6’5, 260 lbs. of pure motivation.

AJ Francis vs. Joe Hendry

AJ Francis attacks Joe Hendry and the bell rings then Hendry goes for a suplex but Francis reverses it into one of his own.

Francis hits a knee strike on Joe Hendry in the corner then stretches Hendry’s arms against the ring post from the outside. Francis hits a belly 2 back suplex for a two count.

Francis gets a chin lock but Hendry fights out of it and picks Francis up but Francis drops onto him for two.

Hendry hits short arm clotheslines and runs off the ropes but Francis drops him with one of his own.

Hendry hits a DDT and hits a shoulder block off the ropes followed by a powerslam for a two count.

Hendry runs at Francis in the corner but Francis pulls the referee towards him & gets squashed.

Francis gets a steel chair from under the ring and looks to hit Hendry with it but Hendry hits a dropkick and the chair falls. Rich Swann comes out and picks up the chair.

He teases hitting Francis with it but hits Hendry with it instead & Francis hits a chokeslam to get the win.

Winner: AJ Francis

We get Alan Angels’ Soundcheck and Ash By Elegance walks in with George Iceman who is offended that the place isn’t as good as the email said it would be. Angels welcomes Ash and asks her what her scoop is. Ash says next week she will have her third match in TNA and she walks off with Iceman as Alan Angels looks pleased.

Non Title Match
Knockouts Tag Team Champions Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna) vs. Beaa Moss & Vanna Black

Spitfire hits a basement dropkick followed by a splash and Dani Luna hits an exploder suplex then hits a double suplex.

Jody Threat gets the tag and they hit a double team move when Threat throws Vanna Black over from a fireman’s carry into a spinebuster from Spitfire for the win.

Winners: Knockouts Tag Team Champions Spitfire

Tasha Steelz comes out to the commentary booth and picks up and says she has something to say. She says that last week she was never pinned. She says if Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace if really is a Juggernaut, she will go 1 on 1 with Steelz and she will take what is rightfully hers.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) & Nic Nemeth vs. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) & Steve Maclin

Steve Maclin gets an ankle hold on Trent Seven but Seven kick him off.

Zachary Wentz gets the tag but Seven slaps him away and goes for the tag to Mike Bailey but Trey Miguel pulls Bailey away.

Miguel gets the tag & goes for a piledriver but Seven flips him over and hits a superplex on Wentz.

Nemeth gets the tag & he hits an Olympic Slam on Maclin and hits dropkicks on The Rascalz.

He hits splashes in the corner on Miguel & Maclin and hits a neckbreakers on everyone.

He hits 10 elbow drops in a row on Maclin and goes for a pin but Miguel breaks it up.

Nemeth throws Miguel outside the ring and hits a jumping DDT on Maclin.

Bailey hits a moonsault double knee on Miguel. Maclin flips Nemeth outside the ring.

Maclin goes for a suicide dive on Nemeth but hits Miguel instead.

Bailey hits a moonsault on Maclin outside the ring and Speedball Mountain hits superkick/full Nelson suplex combination and Nemeth hits Danger Zone for the win.

Winners: Speedball Mountain & Nic Nemeth

After the match The System run down to the ring for the attack and Moose hits them all with a TNA World Title shot in the face. The System all pose in the ring with their titles held high to close out this week’s Impact.

Next Week’s Impact

Tag Team Match
Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & Kushida)

Digital Media Title Match
Crazzy Steve (c) vs. PCO

Ash By Elegance vs. Seleziya Sparx

Knockouts Title Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tasha Steelz

Rebellion Card So Far (April 20th)

TNA World Title Match
Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth

TNA World Tag Team Titles Match
The System (Eddie Edwards & Brain Myers) (c) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)