TNA Wrestling Discontinuing Their Ultimate Insiders Service On YouTube

TNA Wrestling recently announced that starting June 1st they will discontinue their Ultimate Insiders service on YouTube because they are unable to deliver the premium fan experiences they want to and in exchange they are offering two different plans on their TNA+ streaming service.

You can check out the full announcement below:

The rumors are true.

TNA’s YouTube Ultimate Insiders $4.99 / month plan will be sunset on June 1. The $0.99 / month plan will remain available.

We didn’t take this decision lightly — we’re dropping support for the Ultimate Insiders $4.99 plan because we can’t deliver the premium fan-centric experiences we want to through a YouTube-owned product.

We want you to join the party on TNA+, so we’re offering two different offers for you to make the transition easier:

Sign up for the World Champion Annual plan and get our next two pay-per-views FREE, including July’s SLAMMIVERSARY ($80 off)

Offer Code: 2PPV

Sign up for the Special Attraction Monthly plan and we’ll match the price of Ultimate Insiders for your first two months ($4.99 / month):

Offer Code: TRYUS

(Offer codes are valid through June 6, 2024)

On TNA+, not only will you have access to every TNA Pay-Per-View including July’s SLAMMIVERSARY, every TNA monthly live special, the latest iMPACT shows, TNA’s entire historical archive, and original content, we’ve also got several big announcements coming this Summer to make you wish we did this sooner.

Frequently Answered Opinions


This is a cash grab.


Not exactly. The move to TNA+ will offer you the best bang for your buck and the best fan experience yet. Coming this summer, you will see lots of new perks exclusively available to TNA+ subscribers, in addition to all the action-packed content offering that TNA+ is known for.

Still not sold? Give TNA+ a try for 2 months at the same price you currently pay for YouTube Ultimate Insiders with code TRYUS. If you aren’t happy, you’re free to cancel anytime before the price goes back up.


But you’re keeping the $0.99 plan on your YouTube account?


Yes. We’re serious that it’s not a cash grab. We want people to be able to watch TNA at any price point and we think having a $0.99 plan is a good way to put our money where our mouth is as an introduction to what we do, so it’s staying.

With Against All Odds coming up on Friday, June 14th, you should try the TNA+ monthly plan with offer code TRYUS and see how you like it. On top of that, we’re giving you Slammiversary AND Bound For Glory for FREE (that’s $80 in savings!) when you join for a year on the World Champion Annual Plan with offer code 2PPV.


I had the app already, it never worked and felt like a waste of money.


Yes, the old app was glitchy and frustrating. We’re excited to tell you that in December 2023, we relaunched the app with a new partner (the same folks who created UFC Fight Pass) to vastly improve the reliability and user experience of TNA+. You should give it another chance. And if you do have an issue, we have a great customer support team available to help.

Check out Against All Odds on the new and improved TNA+ app with offer code TRYUS, and get started with a risk-free opportunity to see what you think.


I just signed up for the YouTube Ultimate Insiders $4.99 / month plan. Will I get my money back?


Once the YouTube Ultimate Insiders $4.99 / month plan is sunset on June 1, all active paying members will get a refund of their last payment.


Wait, I’m a subscriber already, can I get this deal?


Of course! Lock in those PPVs and save $80. You’re not going to want to miss Slammiversary in July. Offer code: 2PPV


This is another LOLTNA moment, you’re killing the thing that fans love.


Oh believe us, this is the start of something much better. Focusing on TNA+ will allow us to give you a better experience. Sign-up and check out your options at, and you’ll automatically end up on our mailing list to keep up with everything we’re doing. But…this is a deal that might never happen again. Save money for your first two months with offer code TRYUS, or lock in a full year with all our pay-per-views on the World Champion Annual plan with offer code 2PPV.