Tony Deppen Pulls Out Of Show After Finding Out Who Is Also Booked

(Photo Credit: ROH)

Since breaking in a decade ago, Tony Deppen has found success in the wrestling industry, working his way up to working for the ROH brand before leaving.

Deppen was scheduled to work an independent wrestling show from Harrisburg, PA’s Old Bischoff McDevitt High School on September 9th. The show’s line-up included Flip Gordon, Enzo Amore, and Marty Scurll.

Scurll is an interesting name because he worked for ROH prior to the 2020 Speaking Out movement, where he was accused of sexual assault in 2015. Before the allegations, he resigned from Ring of Honor and became the head booker. After investigating the allegations against him, Ring of Honor decided to part ways with him in January 2021.

Former WWE star Anthony Carelli, better known as Santino Marella, had booked him for his Battle Arts Professional Wrestling promotion last month but later canceled him after receiving negative feedback.

Deppen took to Twitter to announce that he will not be appearing on the show because Scurll is booked.

“This has randomly been sprung on me. I was told I was working pcwa (place i got trained at) then I randomly get this as a flyer. I had no idea who was on the show (shows are normally low Budget); but after seeing the line up… yah no thanks.”