Tony Khan Says AEW Promos Feel Like “You’re Hearing A Real Person Talk”

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW President Tony Khan discussed how AEW differs from other wrestling promotions in an interview with Tony Pike and Rick Ucchino on Cincy 360.

“AEW, we have, what I believe is the most exciting matches and we have great stories happening. We’re really a challenger brand. We’re fighting against an establishment, and we’ve built a huge fanbase in a pretty quick time. People that love the fast-paced, exciting action, and the interviews. In AEW, I think people really feel a connection with the wrestlers. We don’t script the interviews here.”

“People go out, they’re talking about, maybe they got bullet points and key pieces of information they’re trying to get out, but it feels like you’re hearing a real person talk, which isn’t always the way it feels with some of the competition’s interviews. I think that’s one major difference. I think our biggest strength is the quality of athletes and the charisma of our biggest stars. Some of the biggest names in wrestling are in AEW, and there’s a reason why these big free agents want to come here to AEW. It’s because this is where the best wrestle.”