Tony Schiavone On Who He Considers As Ultimate Pros In AEW

(Photo Credit: AEW)

All Elite Wrestling commentator Tony Schiavone recently spoke on his podcast, “What Happened When,” about a number of professional wrestling topics including who he considers as ultimate pros in the company.

Schiavone said, “This is not to talk negative of anybody else in the business, but of my time since I’ve returned to wrestling, there are just a handful of guys that I would call ultimate pros.” “Adam Copeland being one, Samoa Joe being another. Orange Cassidy is one, and there’s a couple more that I need to put in that group.”

“That’s not to slight anybody else, but those guys, you ask them to do something, you don’t have to find them. [They are] just tremendous. I’m just so glad I was able to work with guys like that.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.