Trinity Reveals Big Goal She Wants To Accomplish Outside Of IMPACT Wrestling

(Photo Credit: Trinity)

Trinity wants the world of Broadway to “FEEL THE GLOW!”

The former WWE Superstar known as Naomi, working under her real name of Trinity currently in IMPACT Wrestling, recently spoke with the folks from Digital Spy for an in-depth interview.

During the discussion, the women’s wrestling star spoke about her love for Broadway, and how she hopes to pursue those dreams while working for IMPACT Wrestling.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how her first dream was to be on stage, one she hopes to pursue while competing at IMPACT: “That was my dream before I became a wrestler and I would love to accomplish that at some point in my life. I’m exploring all of that and I’m taking classes and when I can. That’s the other amazing thing about IMPACT as well, it allows me to do that and explore other things and other projects while I can still continue to wrestle. I can get the best of both worlds.”

On understanding Broadway is no easy task and realizing the amount of work actors have with the vigorous rehearsal and performance schedule: “[Broadway] is a different kind of grueling. Wrestling is very physical but man, they put on two shows a day, and just the rehearsal schedule and their voices, it’s tough. It’s not easy what they do but I think I’ll be okay. I think I can deal with anything out there after wrestling for 14 years.”

On the classic musical Chicago as a show she’d love to perform in: “Chicago. I would like to be one of the Cell Block Tango girls. I really like the high dance shows, like Moulin Rouge,” she added. “I go up there and see as many of them as I can just to stay inspired.”

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