Triple H Addresses Several NXT-Related Questions

Triple H participated in a conference call and discussed Vince McMahon’s role with the NXT brand. Here are a few highlights courtesy of Sean Ross Sapp of

– Triple H says that they knew about Ciampa’s injury heading into the main roster, and they hoped to get him exposure ahead of the absence, but it couldn’t be delayed any longer and it derailed plans. WWE knew the length of time Ciampa would probably be out. His injury and situation went from “manageable” to one that couldn’t be managed. It progressively got worse.

– Triple H says no main roster call up happen’s without Vince’s approval. There is no discussion of “NXT needs this, so you can’t call them up.” Said it’s a creative effort as a part of a team to come up with a bunch of suggestions.

– Triple H calls his match with Batista a chance for closure for Dave Batista. It’s something he’s wanted to do for a few years.

– Triple H says “Never say never” on NXT Women’s Tag Titles, but doesn’t see the need right now with floating women’s tag titles as is.

– Triple H says NXT is a “profitable brand” from a live event standpoint

– Re: Lars Sullivan: “Wait and see.”