Video Footage of Spot That Injured Carmella at WWE Live Event

As previously reported, it appears like WWE superstar Carmella was injured on Saturday night at a live event.

The video below shows the incident. Belair was doing a punch spot with Asuka in the corner while waiting for Carmella to enter the ring. Belair did a moonsault to evade the onslaught as Carmella got back in. Carmella lost her balance, rolled out of the ring, and never returned to complete the match.

Carmella reportedly left the building on her own, but the trainer reportedly protected her face from the area’s lights out of caution in case she had suffered a concussion.

You can see Belair’s backside striking Carmella’s head shortly before she does the moonsault, suggesting that the injury occurs then. Carmella’s status has not been addressed by WWE, but hopefully it won’t keep her away from the ring for an extended period of time. She has our best wishes for a quick recovery.