Video: Tama Tonga Makes WWE Debut On SmackDown

Tama Tonga has arrived in WWE.

The member of The Bloodline legacy in pro wrestling appeared on the post-WrestleMania XL episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown this week, causing chaos within Roman Reigns’ Bloodline group.

Things got started when Solo Sikoa cut off Paul Heyman boasting Roman Reigns’ future comeback and goal of recapturing the WWE Universal Championship from Cody Rhodes.

Solo brought up Heyman saying winning and losing matters. He says then because of that, there are consequences for losing. He calmly pushed Heyman aside and stared down Jimmy Uso. Jimmy pointed to himself to see if that’s who Solo is looking at.

Solo leaned in and hugged Jimmy and said, “You’re my brother and I love you.” Jimmy gets relieved. Solo turned to walk away as someone attacked Jimmy from behind. The commentators inform us it is Haku’s son, Tama Tonga.

Tama Tonga and Solo beat down Jimmy, hitting Samoan Spikes as Heyman freaks out in the corner. Tama puts up the 1. They put a chair around Jimmy’s head/neck and Solo hits a running hip attack on it in the corner.

Sikoa grabs Heyman and brings him to the middle to be his Wise Man apparently. He raises his 1. Heyman slowly does, too. Heyman pulls out his phone and says, “Call Roman!” Solo grabs the phone, throws it on the ground and stomps on it. The three then left together with Heyman looking nervous.