Why is it so Hard to Build Long-Term Relationships for Wrestlers?

The world of wrestling is a blend of fast-paced action and commitment to training outside of the ring. With that commitment comes a one-track mind and focus for wrestlers, which means that wrestlers are often lacking in relationships. Their partners find difficulties with becoming a part of the wrestling world, and because wrestlers are completely committed, it means that their partners come second in their relationship.

This is nothing new because any sportsperson who is dedicated to their sport finds that it becomes their number one passion, but with this comes the difficulties with long-term relationships. So, how do long-term relationships and wrestlers come together?

Wrestling Approaches That Do Not Work in Romantic Relationships

Wrestlers aren’t different from any other person on the planet. They still fall in love; some prefer dating coworkers from the same federation, others are freer in their pursuits and get on to it with fans or, if their needs are specific, use websites for fetish dating in the UK should they feel the urge to explore their desires and fantasies. Since their celebrity status won’t suffer from any character traits that can be exploited to make their role more face-y or heel-y, wrestlers don’t usually hide their kinks and identities, and due to the lack of time, online dating can be their best friend. So, don’t be surprised to meet someone from NXT UK 

Despite this, wrestlers have this image to portray, and often, that image follows them into their life outside of the wrestling ring. That need to dominate and overpower becomes just that, leaving their partner finding it challenging to fall in line with their personas and personalities.

Some wrestlers might even ask about trialing out some new moves on their partners. We’re not talking about taking the same approach as they would in the ring but slowly going through the motions as a way of showing off their latest progress in the ring. However, outside of the ring, women want to be treated as though they are not an opponent but their partner.

Finally, wrestlers can prove to be demanding, and that’s one of the main difficulties for partners. Their demands to retain their schedule, to fall in with their lifestyle, and become a wrestler’s wife can sometimes prove too much for partners

Where Wrestlers Should Find Partners

Wrestlers lead busy lives, with the majority of time spent training in the gym and ring. This leaves very little time to focus on finding a partner. However, the main solution available to wrestlers is to indulge in online dating. 

The many different dating platforms available ensure wrestlers can explore their deepest desires and meet people who understand their specific needs. Furthermore, these dating platforms are designed to fit around their lifestyle. While they spend hours training, those hours spent out of the gym can be used to search for matches. This simple solution is quick and simple, working with their requirements instead of against them.

Furthermore, their profile can lay everything on the table, including their schedule, their commitments, and expectations. This means that anyone who makes contact will more than likely be a match.

How to Make Time For a Private Life

Like all sports celebrities, wrestlers might be dedicated to keeping fit and strong, but everyone can agree that keeping time for private life is important, so how do they manage it?

Most wrestlers put time aside to forget about the wrestling ring when meeting people and focus on what makes their potential partners happy, be it calling their spouse after a show, or taking a vacation. When having their private time with partners, they switch off their phones and remove all contact with work, enabling them to remove themselves from their passion for an hour or two.

Exploring new hobbies and interests can also provide a distraction too, and that’s especially important when meeting new people. Finding time for private life is easier than many wrestlers might think. It’s about not allowing their passion for consuming every minute of their life. Once they remove themselves, they’ll instantly be able to explore and enjoy life with a renewed perspective.

Famous Wrestling Couples Who Are Still Happy Together

The Miz and Maryse

The Miz found fame as a reality show contestant, but he entered the WWE world and became well-known thanks to his charismatic persona. This charisma and charm resulted in him becoming close to one of the biggest female wrestling stars. So much so, they became an item and became one of the most powerful couples in wrestling, even having their own reality show on E! network.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

If you’re looking for well-known wrestlers, then look no further than Daniel Bryan. Even though injury forced him out of the ring (now twice!), the wrestler still found time to charm the ladies, including Brie Bella. She has found success in the ring in her own right, but this couple has also become familiar thanks to their appearance in ‘Total Divas.’

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the all-time greats in WWE, but his love life has proven that he is more than just brawn and muscle. Michelle McCool, one of the greatest female wrestlers of the 2000s, who also became a part of the WWE family, soon after starting her career at the Federation got familiar with the Undertaker out of the ring, eventually tying the knot in 2010.

So, wrestlers might commit their time to perfect their techniques in the ring but finding love and getting close to ladies isn’t completely off the table. And when legends and celebrities of WWE often get close with their female counterparts from the same ring, indie wrestlers who aren’t making a big buck prefer fans or dating online.