WWE Hall Of Famer Calls AEW Critic A “Faceless Coward Who Hides Behind A Keyboard”

Following the news that AEW Dynamite drew record-low TV viewership this past Wednesday night, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray wrote on Twitter/X that “actual wrestling fans do not celebrate the lows and hardships any wrestling company goes through.”

A fan responded to Bully by writing that AEW President Tony Khan “brought it on himself” and “enough with the ‘actual fans’ bs.”

Bully issued a response to the fan:

“Dude…STFU. You are no better than the toxic AEW fan base. A nameless, faceless coward who hides behind a keyboard because you are embarrassed by your own existence. You’re the toxic WWE fanbase. Read the fkn tweet again. Trash.”

When former WWE on FOX personality Ryan Satin praised Bully, the fan brought up how Satin was “fired” from WWE. Here was Bully’s response:

“Yup…@ryansatin was fired. However… Had a job in the biz, unlike you. Not afraid to use his real name and likeness, unlike you. Has a hot wife, unlike you. Gets laid on the regular, unlike you. And is a handsome man… Unlike…well you know.”

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