WWE Scholarships and Training Programs for College Students

WWE champions are not just all brawn and no brains. Wrestling is just like any career; if you want to triumph, you need to go to school and learn all the tricks to the trade. The truth is, to get in the WWE industry, you have to have a solid record of accomplishment, and that is something you can achieve by attending colleges with wrestling scholarships. ExamLabs can help achieve this.

Of course, you still have to study and do homework after training. You will have to write assignments on various topics, some of which could be essays on science, rewrite my essay by Essayservice. But, if you think you have what it takes to win WWE scholarships, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve compiled all the information you need to know about which school to pick and how hard it is to get a scholarship.

Top 3 Schools for Wrestling to Enter With WWE Scholarships

Thousands of young students are looking to make a career in WWE wrestling. So, you need the best of the best to help you get into the business. 

Former pro wrestlers are running these schools. But even with a busy training schedule, you will still have to do your assignments on time. That means drafting up your projects, browsing some science essays examples, and studying in a timely manner. In a nutshell, you always have to find time for science. That won’t be a problem since you can look at plenty of free essay examples online at https://studymoose.com/free-essays/science. In the end, you can come up with the best science essays for college. Once you graduate, you will immediately hit the radar of all the scouts looking for talent. 

If you want to know more about the schools before you apply for WWE scholarships, this list can help. Here are some of the most popular ones you can enter. 

Ohio Valley Wrestling – Gymnastics Center, Kentucky

With mega superstars like John Cena and Batista who’ve passed through these doors, this center has managed to make a name for itself. It’s recognized around the globe for its finest training facilities. Over the years, more than 30 WWE champions have studied here, including Bobby Lashley, Dough, Lance Cade, and more. The owner is Danny Davis, a former pro wrestler with almost 30 years of experience in training, fights, and management. 

Johnny Rodz – Wrestling School, Brooklyn

Scholarships for wrestlers are pretty hard to get, and with such a competitive field, it’s no wonder why. This school managed to capture the attention of many. Some of the most well-known wrestling legends to come out of here are Matt Striker, Tazz, Dudleys, Bill DeMott, and more. 

Monster Factory – School for Wresting, New Jersey

A striking number of famous wrestlers have come out from Monster Factory. In fact, plenty has signed up a WWE development deal right after finishing their training. You have Raven, Big Show, Kama, and more. The school organizes shows every month where students get to showcase their skills in matches. For athletes looking for colleges with wrestling scholarships, this school should inspire you to keep practicing.

How Hard Is It to Get WWE Scholarships?

Finding scholarships for wrestlers is not that easy, but it isn’t impossible either. According to the NCSA there are around 1,800 athletes competing for over 480 WWE scholarships. It’s not that you can’t get it, you just have to put your back into it. The competition is pretty fierce. Those with the highest odds of getting a scholarship are the ones who exceed both physically and academically. That’s why you shouldn’t be skipping those essays on science. 


Getting into professional WWE wrestling is no easy feat. You are expected to triumph in a highly competitive environment. The competition even starts at the beginning, for those who are looking to get WWE scholarships. To get noticed, you have to excel on an academic and athletic level. Not only do you need excellent wrestling achievements, but you also need academic improvements to impress recruiters and schools who give out scholarships. Even though it is difficult, you still have a chance.