Young Bucks On Tony Khan Appearing At NFL Draft After They Attacked Him On AEW Dynamite

AEW EVPs The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson) recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso on a number of topics including AEW President Tony Khan appearing at the NFL Draft after they attacked him on Dynamite.

Nicholas Jackson said, “I’m surprised he had the balls to show up on TV after we humiliated him like that. But I give him credit for it.”

Matthew Jackson added, “Seeing him appear at the NFL Draft with the neck brace on was something even I had to respect. Maybe he’s tougher than I thought.”

Matthew Jackson on Jack Perry’s NJPW excursion:

“We kept an eye on him the entire time he was gone and helped him navigate the situation–a familiar one that we had also gone through. We also talked him down a few times. We gave him advice on how to succeed in Japan. It felt like he was our little brother. We saw him for the first time since All In, a couple days prior to the pay-per-view. We met him in our private jet, and talked endlessly the entire flight. We let him get it all out of his system, but assured him that this would be a fresh start. I was so thrilled to hear and see the groundswell for him when he appeared for the first time. It was like a rebirth for him.”

Nicholas Jackson on Perry wearing a Sting merch for his run-in at AEW Dynasty:

“We had just wrestled Sting in his retirement match, so that was perfect. We were super proud and happy for Jack. He deserved a big moment and a big reaction, and he got both of those things in one moment.”