Zack Sabre Jr. Shares His Thoughts On The Forbidden Door Main Event

NJPW star Zack Sabre Jr. took part in the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door post-show media scrum to talk about a number of topics including the main event and Forbidden Door as a concept.

Sabre Jr. said, “The main event tonight — like, I said this to other people. The expectation of Will vs. Swerve from naive people would be like, ‘Oh, these guys are going to have a crazy match.’ The match wasn’t special because it was a crazy match. The match was special because people were completely invested in both their characters and how much depth they have. And it’s almost a bonus that they are so immensely skilled.”

“So I think — like I’m so motivated as a British wrestler now because now, it’s unparalleled. Like, Forbidden Door at first was somewhat forbidden. Now it’s slightly naughty. But what’s special about this year is that we have STARDOM and CMLL involved. And I think it’s somewhat unparalleled that we have four global companies completely intertwined… what’s going to change the industry or at least progress it further is those four companies completely intertwined, and I want to be as much involved in that as possible.”

On another possible match with Danielson:

“Our first match was in England. We had a rematch in Germany that’s somewhat forgotten, and then we had the match at WrestleDream in Japan. I know that Bryan says he’s winding it down, but he’s a pervert so I can’t imagine. In a wrestling sense, that’s not against his character. We at least have to have one more match in England.”

You can check out Sabre Jr.’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to for transcribing the above quotes)