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Posted On June 9, 2014By Joe D'AgostinoIn News, Results

WWE Raw Results – June 9th, 2014

WWE Raw Results – June 9th, 2014 The show kicks off with Triple H and Stephanie making their way to the ring. Triple H says that tonight is a good night to be right. Stephanie then says that they have the privilege to announce blockbuster announcements. Stephanie says that tonight we get to resolve the issue with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We then get a clip of Dr. Maroon giving an announcement that Bryan wont be able to compete. Stephanie then says we couldn’t expect an A+ recovery fromRead More

Posted On June 8, 2014By Thad ZajacIn Columns, Featured

The Unwatchable WWE Raw And A Broken Shield

I’m watching the segment over as I write this, and I still cannot stand it. Last night, the Shield was blown up, as Seth Rollins “sold out” to Triple H and turned on his running buddies, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I suppose it was the logical end for them, since they really had no more to accomplish after a sweep of Evolution in their Payback rematch, but as a fan, it was immensely hard to handle. The Shield was the one enjoyable, consistent match week in and week out.Read More
The Authority - Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Posted On May 1, 2014By Enzo MarinoIn Columns, Featured, News

WWE Extreme Rules: The Evolution Of Triple H

When you think of Triple H, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In today’s Internet Wrestling Community, many feel that Triple H is out to bury young talent, and really rubs fans the wrong way. I think this is so far from the truth, as Triple H just put over Daniel Bryan cleanly at WrestleMania 30, and Bryan went on to become WWE Champion. He was also the one to cement Batista and John Cena’s championship runs (but this is an argument to deal with another time).Read More
Evolution truly is a mystery. Who would have thought Daniel Bryan would be in a position to close Wrestlemania 30 as the champion? From the day the legendary faction made up of Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H, took WWE by storm in January 2003, they have played a major part in the product we see on TV, and behind the scenes. As Wrestlemania 30 approaches, what we are seeing is the conclusion of the story line that originated to create two new stars, as Triple H putRead More