Alex Hammerstone Issues Update On His MLW Status But Deletes Post Soon After

Alex Hammerstone has provided an update to fans regarding his MLW status, which is not as clear as he would like. He stated that he had requested his release on October 29th.

The former MLW World Heavyweight Champion stated in a video on Twitter that while he was told MLW was working on his release, the promotion told the media they would not release him. He mentioned that he’s not on MLW’s roster page, nor has he been contacted about future days after not being used in over 100 days, and wondered if he’s being punished or if there was a misunderstanding.

You can read his entire statement below:

“What’s up, everybody? I just wanted to take a second and jump on here and talk to you guys. I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments. ‘Has MLW released me? Are they going to release me? What my future in wrestling look like?’ And so I kind of want to give an update. Unfortunately, the update is that I’m not really sure at this point. Now, before I continue, the point of this video is not to bash this company. It’s not to talk negatively about anybody. It’s just to be an update on the situation, as I currently understand it. Now, this whole situation kind of broke to the news and the dirt sheets just recently, but it’s actually been ongoing for a couple of months now. And the communication on that end to me has been sparse, to put it nicely. I’ve tried several times to get on the phone with Court Bauer. It hasn’t happened. Unfortunately, the people in the office that I have been relegated to speaking with, the last I was told, was that they were actually working towards a release. However, that was several weeks ago at this point. And then, when they broke the story to the dirt sheets, they told them that they had actually no intention of releasing me. So I’m not sure if there’s a miscommunication somewhere or if I was simply told that just to kind of shut me up and make me leave them alone for a little while. But like I said, I’m trying to leave the emotion and the opinions out of this and just give you the facts of my situation. The facts are this: I have not worked for the company in well over 100 days at this point. They removed me from their active roster page. They’ve removed me from all current marketing material. They edited me out of the show intro and highlights and those sort of things, and I have not been contacted for any dates moving forward. Several dates have come and passed. I wasn’t contacted to work those, and I have not been contacted for their upcoming shows. It’s been made pretty apparent to me at this point that they have no intention of using me moving forward, but their official statement was that they have no intention of releasing me, so I’m not sure if I’m being punished just for asking if that was a possibility or if there’s like I said if there’s a miscommunication somewhere. Unfortunately, that’s the best I can update you guys with right now. I’m trying to stay optimistic and just trying to move forward one day at a time. I love this business, I love this sport, and I want to continue doing it on a high level. Hopefully, there’s a resolution to this situation soon, but that’s all I can tell you right now.”

Hammerstone later deleted the tweet, so it’s unclear if there has been any update in regards to his status with the company since then.