Backstage News About the White Rabbit Teases From a WWE Source

WWE has created a lot of buzz following the “White Rabbit” teases on RAW, SmackDown and at live events.

While some believe this is related to Karrion Kross, and he has certainly played it up on Twitter, all signs point to Bray Wyatt’s return. There were rumors circulating a few weeks ago that Wyatt was in talks with the company about returning, and it appears that this is the case.

WrestleVotes reports that a company source suspects these teases are for Wyatt, but that whatever is going on is being “withheld” from everyone. Most of the company is most likely keeping this a secret to avoid leaks.

“Asked a source about the White Rabbit deal, source said while he suspects its Bray Wyatt, he said it’s being “withheld” from everyone. WWE has been able to draw significant interest from this, w/o it being a “TV storyline” & they’d like to keep it as quiet as possible.” WrestleVotes wrote.

During a backstage segment Monday night on RAW, a QR code was seen behind Austin Theory. Fans who scanned the code were directed to a video with more hints. Another clue is expected to be revealed this Friday night during SmackDown, possibly around 9:23pm.

Also, there appeared to be another tease at the end of RAW this week. Click here for speculation on Alexa Bliss getting a character makeover as part of the White Rabbit reveal.

You can check out WrestleVotes’ tweet below: