Backstage Update On Carlito’s WWE Status

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There has been a lot of speculation about Carlito possibly returning to WWE since Backlash.

Carlito has already stated that he is willing to work full-time for a major wrestling company, and PWInsider reported that he is scheduled for the July 7 SmackDown TV event and will be a part of that brand in the future.

Dave Meltzer confirmed Carlito has signed a deal to return to WWE. He wrote, “The fans really wanted Carlito to win, but since he just signed with WWE, he couldn’t. Intelecto is very good for this level but fans were into the old-timers so he wasn’t over. Carlito got a standing ovation after the kissed the ring and Savinovich did tease his going to WWE.”

Carlito was pushed as one of the company’s future stars in the mid-2000s, but there were perceived issues with his attitude and/or lack of motivation. Carlito eventually left the company, but he returned a few years ago for an appearance at the Royal Rumble and the following night on RAW. He received the biggest pop of the night at Backlash in Puerto Rico, which was noticed by WWE management.