Bianca Belair Says Filming Has Wrapped For New Hulu Reality Show With Montez Ford

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are about to star in their own reality television series.

“The EST of WWE” spoke with Metro for an interview this week to promote the new show dubbed, “The Crawfords,” which will air on Hulu and give fans a look into the real lives of the married WWE couple.

“I was always somebody that was like, ‘I will never do reality TV, I have no desire to do it.’ And I learned to never say never very quickly,” she said. “It was different for me because everybody sees my husband –- who everybody in the ring is who he is at home, he’s high energy, he’s full of life, full of joy, yelling, screaming, singing.”

Belair continued, “I’m used to having the cameras in my face at work and now they’re in my home,” she said. “How do I just be normal now? I don’t need to turn it on to be Bianca Belair. It’s a different dynamic.”

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