“Big Little Brawlers” To Premiere This Week On Discovery Channel

(Photo Credit: Marie Hilla)

The Discovery Channel is set to premiere a new wrestling series called “Big Little Brawlers.”

It will center on a group of little people wrestlers from Tennessee. Jupiter Entertainment produces the show.

The new series will premiere on Tuesday, January 9, at 10 p.m. EST. There will be six episodes this season. The show’s synopsis reads as follows.

“Big Little Brawlers” focuses on the Micro Wrestling Federation, described as “one of the most successful little person wrestling leagues in the world.” Set in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., the series revolves around “Pinky Shortcake” and “Syko,” who are both parents and wrestling partners. There’s also “Ivar the Micro,” the announcer/hype man who hopes to become a wrestler himself. “Lil’ Show” is the veteran wrestler still aiming to support his wife and children. “Hot Rod” is the up-and-coming wrestler looking to prove himself. Despite internal dramas and frustrations, Micro Wresting Federation CEO Jack Darrell Hillegass encourages the group to work together as a family as they approach ‘MicroFest,’ the biggest micro wrestling event of the year,” reads the show description. “As they attempt to achieve their piece of the American Dream, a group of remarkable little people athletes with larger-than-life personalities are forced to overcome ego, injury, and the limitations imposed by society.”

You can watch the trailer below.