Davey Richards Speaks Out On Signing With MLW

Davey Richards recently spoke with WrestleZone to discuss a wide range of topics. During it, he talked about his return to wrestling and signing with MLW. Here are the highlights.

His return to pro-wrestling: “I was very lucky and very fortunate when I announced I was going to be coming back to wrestling. A few of the bigger companies reached out and they were all good offers, respectable offers, everything.”

The reason he chose to sign Major League Wrestling: “MLW seemed really organic, seemed like a really good fit for lack of a better term, felt very comfortable. It’s no secret I’ve always viewed wrestling as a sport. I’ve never been into the realy silly characters and stuff, to each their own, but again, that’s my own so it’s good to be with a company that thinks along the same lines so we’re on the same level I think, so it felt very organic.”