Destiny Wrestling Presents “Homecoming” (12/4/22) Aiden Prince, Steve Maclin, Blake Christian

On Sunday December 4th Destiny Wrestling “Homecoming” rolls into the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, Ontario.

Destiny Wrestling “Homecoming” will feature the first title defence of the current Destiny Wrestling World Champion Aiden Prince. His first title defence won’t be easy as indy star Blake Christian will be the challenger.

Aiden Prince won the Destiny Wrestling World Championship back on October 16th as he ended the nearly four year title reign of Josh Alexander in a Fatal Four Way Match that also included EC3 and Kevin Blackwood.

Blake Christian is a very credible challenger for the Destiny Wrestling World title. Christian is a regular for Game Changer Wrestling and has competed for AEW, Impact Wrestling and NJPW. In addition, he has spent time in the WWE as Trey Baxter.

Blake Christian may have to grow eyes in the back of his head as he can expect Aiden Prince’s fellow Destroy faction members Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo to inject themselves into the match at some point.

Aiden Prince, Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo make up the top Destiny Wrestling faction Destroy.

”Homecoming” will be the first show under new Destiny Wrestling owner Emilio Michael Albi.

When asked what the fans can expect at “Homecoming”, Emilio had this to say:

“Fans can expect the same great show from Destiny that they have come to love over the years, with great local talent combined with some of the top stars from around the world but with some twists and surprises.”

I asked Emilio if he would be able to offer a few hints at what the surprises may be and he responded:

“For the most part the fans will have to wait and see. That is what makes the crowd pop, when someone unexpected shows up that was never advertised. The Internet today gives alot of these moments away before hand. But for myself, I like to hold them close to me, so the fans can feel that emotion when that person appears.”

“As kids our favourite moments were when we were opening gifts and not knowing what was inside. The thrill and the goosebumps I used to get at Christmas time, I want to give the fans that experience again.”

In addition, Impact Wrestling star Steve Maclin plus indy stars Alexia Nicole, Warhorse, Jody Threat, KC Spinelli and Kevin Blanchard are all scheduled for the event.

Here is the full line up for Destiny Wrestling’s  “Homecoming” event on 12/4

  • Destiny Wrestling World Title Match: Aiden Prince (c) vs Blake Christian
  • Destiny Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: Destroy (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughan Vertigo) (c) vs Airstrike (Tyler Aero and Mike Forte)
  • Steve Maclin vs. Kody Lane
  • Alexia Nicole vs. KC Spinelli
  • Tarik vs Kevin Blanchard
  • Warhorse vs. Shane Sabre
  • 20 Person Battle Royal featuring Jody Threat, Zak Patterson, Clay Wilson, Jonny Deluca, Rip Impact, Seleziya Sparx, Karou, Jesse Bieber, The Salsa King and Dan the Dad.

The special guest ring announcer for the event will be pro wrestling super fan Steven Spice.