Homicide Believes LAX Should Be On The List Of The Top 20 Tag Teams Of All Time

(Photo Credit: MLW)

Pro wrestling veteran Homicide recently spoke with WrestlingNews.co’s Steve Fall on a numbeer of topics including how he believes LAX should be on the list of the top 20 tag teams of all time.

Homicide said, “LAX was born in I think late 2005 with Konnan, myself, and another gentleman Apollo. We had a lot of changes and I guess we hit the jackpot with Hernandez and we just took over the tag team industry. We had a lot of battles with Beer Money, Team 3-D and the lists goes on and on. Yes, we should be on that, but I’m very thankful that people see that.”

His experience working in TNA Wrestling:

Homicide said, “Mine was very positive. I loved it. First of all, I’m on national television with the name Homicide. I loved Impact. I’ve feel like that’s one of my homes in wrestling. I had a terrific time in TNA. Now at the end of my days in Impact when me and Hernandez came back, that’s a different story, but when it comes to negative/positive, very positive. I loved Impact/TNA. I had a blast working with the boys. I loved the staff. I loved my boss.”

Appearing in AEW in 2021:

Homicide said, “I was surprised. I came to see the boys. I wanted to visit. You know, I didn’t come to work. Moxley and Eddie Kingston surrounded me like they were about to attack me and said, ‘You’re gonna do something today.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not. I’m here to visit the boys.’ Then Tony Khan said, ‘Step in my office.’ He told me a couple of things and showed me some numbers and I was like, ‘Okay.’”

If anybody reached out to him when he was in TNA Wrestling and asked him when his contract was up:

Homicide said, “Nobody reached (out). Right now I’m older. I should be, I don’t want to say bitter or angry. I should be like, what’s the deal? Why this or why that. Nobody contacted (me). The only person that contacted me was Mick Foley when I was in Ring of Honor. He gave me a number and said, ‘Call the office and let them know that you should come in here.’”

You can check out Homicide’s comments in the video below.