Injury Updates On Two AEW Wrestlers

AEW star Kyle Fletcher recently spoke with WGN Radio on a number of topics including when his tag team partner Mark Davis is expected to make his return to in-ring action and the status of Davis’ injury.

Fletcher said, “I can’t say exactly what’s happening with him right now. That’s his story to tell, but he’s doing well. He’ll definitely be back at some point, though we don’t have an exact timeline. I can’t wait to team up with him again.”

Fellow AEW star The Blade took part in a virtual signing with K&S Wrestlefest, where he provided an update on his injury status as well and when he could be back in action.

The Blade said, “I’m currently on the injured reserve but still with the company.”

“I’m hoping so. My back’s slowly improving, and I’m aiming to be back in a couple of months.”