Kevin Sullivan On Death Matches: ‘Somebody Is Going To Get Seriously Injured If Not Killed’

Kevin Sullivan has returned with another episode of “Tuesday with The Taskmaster” on Sullivan discussed The Rock’s return to WWE SmackDown, Barry Windham, Halloween Havoc, the end of WCW, the WWE/Endeavor merger, and a variety of other topics.

How he brought ECW wrestlers into the WCW:

“I broke Paul into the business. I was working in ECW when I was going to Japan. Then when I went back to WCW, they got on this thing that they wanted ECW guys. So Eric would say, ‘Well, we need to get this guy.’ I’d call Paul and say, ‘You’ve got to make him an offer, Paul. I can hold them off for six weeks, but you better wrap this up unless you lock the guy down. Paul and I are friends and he knew, what could he offer them that was greater than what WCW was gonna offer them? I’m sure he was bitching at me after we hung up the phone, but it would have been worse if they took them in two weeks. You know, at least he gave them time to get their business done.”

Death matches in today’s wrestling product:

“The over the top death matches, somebody is going to get seriously injured if not killed. I mean, it’s just so crazy. I mean, that isn’t any pretense of pro wrestling. That’s like a geek show, jumping off balconies into tubes and the gas is poisonous and the shards can go in your neck or your eye. To me, I just don’t get it.”

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