Lacey Evans Says WWE Rejected Her Release Request, Forcing Her To Wait Until The Deal Expired

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Lacey Evans was a name that was constantly pushed under Vince McMahon’s creative leadership during her time on the WWE main roster.

Evans signed with WWE in 2016, where she trained at the Performance Center and was assigned to NXT for developmental purposes before being promoted to the main roster three years later after several start-and-stop pushes and character overhauls. Evans had not played a prominent role in a storyline in the months leading up to her departure. Her final fight was a dark match with Zelina Vega in July 2023, and she left the following month.

Speaking with Carlo Perruzza, Evans revealed that WWE denied her release request, forcing her to wait until her contract expired. She also stated that she would return to wrestling if a company showed interest. However, she is currently dealing with a lot in her personal life.

Here are some highlights:

On WWE not granting her the release:

“It was incredible. I love the WWE. It was awesome. I invested so much money in properties, and I’m doing great. I appreciate everything that I have gotten knowledge-wise and relationship-wise. But, from the beginning of my career, I’ve always wanted a family; I’ve always wanted a big family, I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I’ve always wanted to be a wife, and there was nothing that would ever come between that. Seven years ago, I was with the WWE. I was 33 when I finally got to get out of my…they wouldn’t even let me out of my contract, which was fine. You sign a contract; you give ‘em your word. So I had to wait until it ran out, and it ran out in August.”

On whether she loved wrestling:

“I loved wrestling; don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t my passion. But I loved the hard-hitting action.“

On her future in wrestling:

“If there’s a company out there that will bring me in to kick ass and get my ass kicked, that’s great. But right now, we are focused on a lot. We have a lot of investment properties. We invested from all the blessings that WWE has given us. We have a construction company; my husband’s a general contractor, which we’ve ran prior to WWE. So we do a lot. We also teach our kids work ethic. We have Air BNBs; we have properties; and we have a cafe named after our girls. I homeschool; I take all that very serious.”