Matt Riddle Announced As The First Entrant In MLW’s Battle Riot VI

Major League Wrestling (MLW) recently announced that former WWE star Matt Riddle is the first entrant in their upcoming Battle Riot VI match on Saturday, June 1st at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. The winner of which will receive a title shot anytime and anywhere.

You can check out the full announcement below:

Matt Riddle enters the Battle RIOT in Atlanta, June 1

MLW invades Atlanta’s Center Stage June 1

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Major League Wrestling (MLW) today announced Matt Riddle as a participant in the 40-wrestler MLW: Battle RIOT VI on Saturday, June 1 at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

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The BRO RIOT is on!

Matt Riddle has thrown his name into the hat as the first participant to be announced for the biggest match in MLW: the 40-wrestler Battle RIOT!

Undefeated since returning to MLW, Matt Riddle looks to finish what he started in the 2018 MLW World Championship Finals: win his first world title. In order to do so, he’ll have to outlast, outfight, and out think 39 other participants in the Battle RIOT to receive his title shot anytime, anywhere.

An unpredictable match with 40 combatants, the RIOT presents the ultimate opportunity to the winner in the form of a golden ticket, enabling the wrestler a title shot on their terms.

With eliminations possible via pinfall, submission, or being tossed over the top rope, every moment in the Battle Riot is unpredictable as it gets. From shocking surprise entrants to legends looking to dance one last time with destiny, Riddle will be challenged by the unknown that is the biggest match in MLW.

Renowned for his ability to seamlessly transition between styles and adapt to any opponent, Riddle is confident he is prepared to take on all comers in the Battle Riot.

As the clock ticks down and new participants enter the fray every 60 seconds, the Battle Riot promises to be a rollercoaster of a thrill ride for fans and participants alike.

Will Matt Riddle emerge victorious, earning his long-awaited title shot against reigning champion Satoshi Kojima? Or will the chaos of the Battle Riot devour Riddle and his dreams?

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