MLW Burning Crush Review – February 17, 2024

MLW Burning Crush Review – February 17, 2024

Kicking off Burning Crush with a highlight package of SuperFight.

Alex Kane then walks onto the stage & said he started the Bomaye Fight Club for himself but the fans brought the love and passion to every fight. He said he let everyone down but the crowd chanted Bomaye! He said he thinks it is time for him to step away from MLW. However Mr Thomas came out and said Kane is not a goddamn quitter. He convinced Kane to stick around and Kane got on the mic and shouted Bomaye is forever! The video screen lit up and it’s Dolla AJ Francis & said he would make a better face of MLW. Francis will be on Intimidation Games. Just like you couldn’t clear the top rope you ain’t clearing this one Kane said.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Wasted Youth (Austin Luke & Marcus Mathers) & Nolo Kitano vs. Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen

Wasted Youth & Nolo Kitano hits stereo dives through the ropes before Griffin McCoy hits a top rope superplex.

McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen immediately began working over Marcus Mathers in their corner.

Nolo Kitano made the hot tag and hits a backbreaker over his knee on Deppen.

Kitano hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall on Crawford then Austin Luke hits a superkick on McCoy and a hesitation dropkick. Luke hits Tower Of London for a near fall.

Crawford nails Luke with a spin kick to the head then Kitano hits a twisting neckbreaker before Mathers hits a missile dropkick.

Deppen hits running double knees on Mathers then Mathers hit a 450 Splash.

However Deppen snuck into the ring and hits Mathers with a running knee strike for the win.

Winners: Griffin McCoy, TJ Crawford & Tony Deppen (5:55)
Rate: 6

Backstage The Calling are upset at Raven & Akira.

Another commercial showed that Bobby Fish will be returning at Intimidation Games.

Another short video said Matt Riddle also wants a match at Intimidation Games from someone at NJPW.

Fatal 4 Way Match
Zayda vs. Delmi Exo vs. Notorious Mimi vs. Tiara James

Delmi Exo, Notorious Mimi & Tiara James attacks Zayda at the bell before Exo hits a dive through the ropes onto Mimi, James & Brett Ryan Gosselin.

Mimi then hits a top rope crossbody onto all 4 then in the ring Mimi hits an X Factor as Selina De La Renta was bashing Exo and said she’s not a serious challenger.

James hits a clothesline for a near fall. Zayda hits some jumping knee strikes in the corner.

Exo hits a facebuster over her knee before we get the tower of doom spot out of the corner and Zayda tried pinning each woman after another. Mimi hit some spin kicks on James.

Exo hits Rainmaker but she was distracted by De La Renta & it allowed Zayda to hit an Unprettier on Mimi for the win.

Winner: Zayda (4:58)
Rate: 4

After the match De La Renta attacks Exo on the floor and they brawled. Meanwhile Zayda got on the mic and said she’s coming for the Featherweight Title. De La Renta got on the mic and said Zayda won’t get a shot at Janai Kai’s title.

Backstage Mads Krule Krugger said he’s been waiting 2 years to get his hands back on Jacob Fatu.

National Openweight Title Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. Jake Crist

Jake Crist immediately dove through the ropes onto Ricky Shane Page and hits a DDT onto the floor then an Asai Moonsault then in the ring Page hits a powerslam.

Page tossed Crist around and was in charge before Crist hits a 2nd rope flying forearm.

Crist hits a flying crossbody then a tornado DDT for a near fall then Cannonball hops on the apron but Crist hit a superkick.

Sami Callihan jumps in the ring and attacked Crist causing the DQ.

Winner By DQ: Jake Crist (3:56) (RSP retains)
Rate: 4

After the match Akira ran in and made the save. Crist hits Cannonball with a top rope flying chair shot sending Cannonball through a table.

Backstage Cesar Duran yells at Court Bauer. They talked about a Lucha expansion. Duran said he’s bringing Mistico to the Lucha show in Chicago. Saint Laurent ran up and said he wants to enter a tag team into a match later and Bauer agreed.

We went to another segment where CozyMax talks to World Tag Team Champions 2nd Gear Crew before World Titan Federation walks up and Laurent said his guys deserve World Tag Team Title shots too.

World Tag Team Champion Matthew Justice vs. Tom Lawlor

Matthew Justice attacks Tom Lawlor him from behind and they brawled on the floor.

They got in the ring but Lawlor hits a dragon screw and Justice was hobbled. Lawlor hits a back suplex for a near fall. He tied up Justice on the mat but Justice reached the ropes.

Justice hits a top rope flying clothesline then a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Saint Laurent tugs on Justice’s ankle but Justice fought free and hits a spear for a near fall.

1 Called Manders came to ringside and he yelled at Laurent then clotheslined Laurent.

Meanwhile in the ring Lawlor hits a Buzzsaw Kick to the head to score the win.

Winner: Tom Lawlor (6:55)
Rate: 6

Cesar Duran stood at the entrance & he has been gone recruiting luchadors from all over the world. Barbaro Cavernario, Atlantis, Mistico were shown on the screen. Salina De La Renta came out and argued at Duran & they agreed to have a fight later.

Lumberjack & Jill Match
Brett Ryan Gosselin vs. Love Doug

Love Doug clotheslined Brett Ryan Gosselin to the floor before Gosselin hit a dropkick on Doug but the lumberjacks helped him stay on the apron and not fall to the floor.

Doug hits a springboard bulldog for a near fall then everyone on the floor started fighting.

Doug hits a top rope dive to the floor then in the ring Gosselin hits Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin (4:07)
Rate: 3

Backstage Jake Crist, Akira, Raven & Blue Meanie talked briefly.

Tag Team Match
CozyMax (MLW World Champion Satoshi Kojima & Okumura) vs. World Titan Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Richard Holliday) 

Okumura & Richard Holliday starts this match with mat reversals and a stand off.

Satoshi Kojima tags in so Davey Boy Smith Jr also tags in & Smith Jr hits a shoulder tackle.

Okumura tags back in and traded forearm strikes with Smith Jr then Okumura hits a flatliner for a near fall.

Kojima got the hot tag and he hits Machine Gun Chops in the corner on Holliday.

Kojima hits a DDT on Smith. Okumura hit a running stunner on Holliday.

Okumura hit a t bone suplex on Smith then a rolling summersault from the apron to the floor on Smith.

In the ring Kojima hits a stunner on Holliday for a near fall then hits Lariat for the win.

Winners: CozyMax (6:52)
Rate: 6

We learned who has signed the open contract to face Matt Riddle it is Bad Dude Tito.

Baklei Brawl Match
Mads Krule Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

Mads Krule Krugger & Jacob Fatu brawled on the floor. Krugger hits a chair shot over the back and they finally got in the ring before Fatu threw a chair at Krugger.

Krugger slams him face first onto an open chair then sets up a table in the corner.

Krugger charged at Fatu but Fatu moved and Krugger crashed through the door.

Krugger slams Fatu hits a pop up Samoan Drop then a handspring back moonsault then a dive through the ropes onto Krugger.

In the ring Fatu hits a spear for a near fall then a top rope Swanton Bomb for a near fall.

They went to the floor where Fatu spears Krugger through a table leaning against the guard rail then in the ring Fatu hits him with a kendo stick.

He slips in the corner but still hit a top rope moonsault for a near fall.

Krugger threw a fireball in Fatu’s eyes then Krugger locks in a full nelson and slams Fatu face first to the mat for the win.

Winner: Mads Krule Krugger (11:16)
Rate: 5

Intimidation Games Card So Far (Feb 29th)

Middleweight Title Match
Rocky Romero (c) vs. Mistico

MLW World Title Match
Satoshi Kojima (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

Alex Kane vs. Bobby Fish

Tag Team New York City Street Fight
The Calling (National Openweight Champion Ricky Shane Page & Sami Callihan) vs. Jake Crist & Akira

Matt Riddle vs. Bad Dude Tito