MLW Fightland Review – November 18, 2023

MLW Fightland Review – November 18, 2023

World Tag Team Titles Ladder Match
The Calling (National Openweight Champion Ricky Shane Page & Akira) (c) vs. 2nd Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice)

Match starts off on the outside with dives and hits a crossbody until Matthew Justice enters the ring with a ladder and starts to climb it before Akira can stop him and try himself.

2nd Gear Crew to stop him and bring another ladder into the match that they use to splash against Akira in the corner. Rickey Shane Page enters and stops 2nd Gear Crew from climbing the ladder and tries himself. 2nd Gear Crew tries the ladder again but Akira stops them with a ladder of his own.

The Calling stays in control for a while using chairs and ladders before getting knocked off the ladders by the 2nd Gear Crew before they start brawling on the outside then back inside RSP sends Manders into a ladder in the corner with a toss suplex and starts climbing the ladder before Justice stops him with a chair.

Manders starts chopping away at Akira before Akira pushes the ladder down as Justice is hanging from the belt until splashing down on RSP. Talon runs in and gets involved as all four competitors are on the ladders.

While both teams are on top Akira hits RSP with a chair shot by accident as he’s now hanging down off the ladder.

Akira & Justice go crashing through tables on the outside as Manders is able to grab the World Tag Team Titles.

Winners & New World Tag Team Champions: 2nd Gear Crew (12:20) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Rickey Shane Page gets in Akira’s face and starts yelling at him about the finish of the match. They start trading tricks and fighting until Talon & Cannonball start attacking Akira. RSP sends Akira through chairs with an Impaler DDT then they put The Calling’s cards on Akira.

Loser Leaves MLW Match
Matt Cardona vs. Mance Warner

Mance Warner goes right after Matt Cardona with strikes and a boot before going to the outside to try and grab something under the ring but Cardona stops him with a basement dropkick.

Warner takes control using a trash can before tossing Cardona and a bunch of chairs into the ring. Warner sets up four chairs but Cardona puts him through them with a Death Valley Driver for a two count.

Cardona climbs the top rope but Warner tosses a chair into his face followed by a superplex for a two count then they both bring wooden boards into the ring and set them against the corner, before trading punches.

Warner goes for a chair shot but takes out the referee by accident instead as Warner stops a Radio Silence attempt with a powerbomb puts the trash can on Cardona and takes him out with a running knee as the referee isn’t there to make the count.

Cardona hits a low blow, as Steph De Lander runs out and stops Cardona then SDL grabs Warner and makes out with him but Cardona goes after Warner.

SDL enters and teases attacking Cardona but instead takes out Warner with a spear through the door to get the win.

Winner: Matt Cardona (8:09)
Rate: 4

After the match Matt Cardona gets on the mic and yells Yo Stephanie I did it and tells Mance Warner to get the hell out of MLW. Saint Laurent calls for Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam to play and tries to get the crowd to chant along for Warner as Laurent starts dancing in front of Warner, Warner knocks him out. Cardona calls for security to escort Warner out for taking out his friend.

We cut to the back where Cardona welcomes Steph De Lander to MLW and says Mance Warner might be dating her in real life but this isn’t the wrestling romance, it’s the wrestling business. SDL says she loves Warner but she loves the success just a little bit more. Cardona says they are suing Warner for attacking Saint Laurent and they are taking everything away from him.

Tag Team Lucha Rules Match
Promociones Dorado (Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero & Barbaro Cavernario) vs. Mascara Dorada 2.0 & Ichiban

Ichiban & Barbaro Cavernario go to start the match but Ichiban asks for Rocky Romero instead so he tags in. Romero taunts Ichiban while staying in control but Ichiban comes right back with crossbodies and a splash in the corner before hitting the 10 punches.

Mascara Dorada & Cavernario go at it as Dorada moves so fast before Ichiban & Dorada start double teaming on Promociones Dorado by sending them to the outside where Ichiban dives into them.

Salina De La Renta gets in Ichiban’s face giving Romero the opportunity to take advantage and start chopping Ichiban around the ring. Promociones Dorada stays in control by taking turns tagging in and out.

Ichiban is able to make the tag to Dorada who takes both Promociones Dorado to the outside where he meets them with a tornado. Dorada & Romero go at it as Dorada misses a 450 splash off the top rope.

Ichiban takes out Cavernario with a Code Red for a two count that Romero breaks up, taking out Ichiban with a Death Valley Driver. Promociones Dorado hits an assisted Sliced Bread before Dorada catches Cavernario into a sit out powerbomb.

Ichiban takes out Romero on the outside with a dive as Dorada hits a pop up powerbomb and a Shooting Star Press on Barbaro to get the win.

Winners: Mascara Dorada 2.0 & Ichiban (11:59)
Rate: 7

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Jacob Fatu

Alex Kane holding Jacob Fatu down to the mat with a side headlock before Fatu counters and holds Kane down with a headlock as they both go for pin attempts then Kane regroups with Faye Jackson on the outside before going right after Fatu with clubs to the back and takes him down and to the outside with a shoulder tackle.

They fight on the apron for a bit until Kane hits his first release German suplex on Fatu as Kane stays in control whipping Fatu fast into the corners but Fatu gets the upper hand and tosses a chair into Kane’s face.

They start brawling on the outside with more chairs, boards and tables being introduced as Mr Thomas leaves commentary to assist Kane as they continue to brawl on the outside for a while before Kane finally places Fatu on the apron where he misses the splash.

Fatu destroys Kane with a couple of hip attacks into the barricade before grabbing a ladder from under the ring.

Fatu places Kane in between the ladder and attacks him including a handspring moonsault onto him. Kane catches Fatu and sends him into the ladder in the corner with a t bone suplex.

Kane is able to hit the apron splash before hitting another one for a two count. Kane starts going after Fatu with chairs before placing four in all corners. Fatu starts tossing Kane into the chairs before dodging a spear, having Fatu crash head first.

Fatu takes out Kane with a tope suicida on the outside but as Thomas is trying to help Kane up Fatu takes them both out with a Fosbury Flop before Kane sent Fatu crashing through a table on the outside with a back body drop over the ropes.

Kane tosses Fatu back inside and gets a two count before Kane follows with a Tiger Suplex then Fatu tries to fight it off but ends up getting hit with another one. Death Valley Driver & spear from Kane for another two as he starts looking concerned about what to do to finish off Fatu.

Fatu sends Kane into another chair in the corner before placing Kane onto a table and splashing through him and the table from the top rope. Fatu grabs more tables and chairs from under the ring before tossing Kane back inside.

Fatu places the table in the corner just for Kane to spear him through it before they start trading punches before Kane hits a flurry of suplexes for a two count. Kane sends Fatu through another table as the referee starts counting them both down.

Fatu hits a couple of superkicks, a pop up Samoan Drop and a top rope moonsault but Thomas pulls his leg to break up the count. Fatu places Kane on 2 seated chairs with a superkick before trying another top rope moonsault.

Kane runs up to the top with Fatu and sends him crashing through the chairs with a release suplex then Kane puts on Fade To Black choke & the ref calls for the bell.

Winner By Referee Stoppage & Still MLW World Champion: Alex Kane (48:03) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6 

After the match World Titan Federation run out as Cardona & Lawlor start attacking Kane. Mr. Thomas and other members of Bomaye Fight Club run in and get taken out with chairs from WTF before Joshua Bishop runs out and starts chokeslamming and powerbombing Bomaye members. O’Shay Edwards & J Boujii run out but WTF stops them as well. The lights go out and when they come on we see a returning Alex Hammerstone in a WTF shirt. Hammerstone starts going after Kane & Fatu. Cardona gets in Kane’s face with the MLW World Title as he has the next title at at One Shot on December 7th.