MLW Reload Review – January 20, 2024

MLW Reload Review – January 20, 2024

Kicking off Reload with Saint Laurent on the entrance ramp & he introduced MLW World Champion Alex Kane. Laurent declared he discovered Kane and signed him to his MLW contract. He proposed a merger between WTF & Bomaye Fight Club but Kane tore up the contract.

Zayda Steel vs. Notorious Mimi

Zayda Steel & Notorious Mimi pulled each other’s hair and both landed face first. Steel got a rollup with her feet on the ropes but the ref saw it.

Mimi got a spin kick to the jaw and a rollup but the ref saw her pulling on the shorts.

Mimi hits Helluva Kick as Steel pushed the top rope causing Mimi to fall throat first across the top rope. Zayda immediately hits Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Zayda Steel (4:06)
Rate: 3 

After the match St Laurent got on the mic and he put Zayda over as Joe Dombrowski was forced to say a line that Zayda was the most downloaded woman of 2023. She grabs the mic and started to complain about Court Bauer not giving her a Featherweight Title shot

Good Brother #3 vs. Steph De Lander

Steph De Lander kissed Good Brother #3 on the lips and got a rollup for a near fall then hits him over the head with a beer can.

They went to the floor where he shoved her head first into the ring post.

Good Brother #3 pushed some chairs and a board into the ring. He sat on a chair and she danced suggestively for him as he teased removing his sweater.

She slams him head first onto an open chair, then she hit a chair shot onto a chair wrap around his head. SDL speared him through the board set up in the corner.

GB3 threw a chair at her head and got a near fall then hit a low blow as they paused fighting to talk on the mic.

GB3 said he thinks he found the one in her and he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry Ol’ Mance, I mean Good Brother #3. She said yes. They celebrated by drinking his beer. He gave her an eye poke then rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Good Brother #3 (8:53)
Rate: 2

Ichiban vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Ichiban immediately hits some arm drags then a flip dive to the floor then in the ring Ichiban hit a Stinger Splash then a series of punches in the corner.

Salina De La Renta & Jesus Rodriguez walked to ringside distracting Ichiban as Jimmy Lloyd slams Ichiban stomach first to the mat for a near fall.

Ichiban hits a cartwheel-back-elbow and a missile dropkick then Ichiban hits Code Red.

Ichiban dove through the ropes but Lloyd caught him and hit a Death Valley Driver onto the floor.

Lloyd got a ladder and slid it into the ring but Rodriguez grabs Ichiban’s ankle but Ichiban shrugged it off.

Ichiban hits a top rope flying Flatliner yanking Lloyd off a ladder to score the win.

Winner: Ichiban (6:00)
Rate: 5

Nao Kakuta vs. Moka Miyamoto

Nao Kakuta flips Moka Miyamoto by her hair before Miyamoto hits a bodyslam and they were both down.

Kakuta choked Miyamoto in the ropes and got a near fall. Miyamoto hits a leg lariat then Kakuta hit a flatliner then a TKO for the win.

Winner: Nao Kakuta (6:23)
Rate: 5

After the match Kakuta left the ring. Miyamoto looked sad as she sat on the mat. Out of the back came Love Doug & He got in the ring, helped her to her feet and wondered if he should be brave tonight. He said he’s been a secret admirer of her for a long time and he asked her out to dinner. She said yes.

Delmi Exo vs. Tiara James

Match starts off with some standing switches to open. Delmi Exo hits a dropkick before Tiara James hits some clotheslines before Exo got a roll up for the win.

Winner: Delmi Exo (2:32)
Rate: 2

After the match Exo got on the mic and said she is finally back on the right track. However, she has some demons remaining and she calls out Featherweight Champion Janai Kai. Kai & Salina De La Renta got in the ring. Salina said she’s not getting another match against Kai. Zayda & Saint Laurent hits the ring. Zayda called Salina a blue haired b*tch. All 5 in the ring began fighting. Refs came out to separate them. The red-masked goons appeared in the entrance-way. One handed Exo an over-sized key and the other goon handed her a cellphone.

Tag Team Match
MLW World Champion Alex Kane & Matt Riddle vs. World Titan Federation (Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop)

Matt Riddle & Tom Lawlor starts this match as they traded some intense mat reversals before Alex Kane entered and hits a belly 2 belly suplex on Lawlor.

Kane hits an exploder suplex for a near fall. Josh Bishop got in and he grounded Kane then he hits a bodyslam as Lawlor whips Riddle into a guardrail.

Kane dove through the ropes onto Lawlor then as Kane got back into the ring Bishop caught him and hits a Black Hole Slam.

World Titan Federation began working over Kane in their corner as Lawlor hits a Bronco Buster in the corner on Kane’s chest.

Riddle finally got the hot tag and he hits an exploder suplex on Bishop then Kane & Riddle hits stereo German Suplexes.

Richard Holliday tried to interfere but Kane knocked him to the floor as Riddle hits Floating Bro onto Bishop for the win.

Winners: MLW World Champion Alex Kane & Matt Riddle (10:46)
Rate: 6

Satoshi Kojima vs. Sami Callihan

Satoshi Kojima came out first but Sami Callihan attacks him on the stage as they brawled to ringside and Callihan tossed chairs in the ring.

In the ring Callihan gave Kojima a paper cut between his fingers before Callihan gave him a paper cut on his lip and Kojima immediately hit a clothesline so Callihan bailed to the floor.

Kojima hits Machine Gun Chops on the floor as Callihan was leaning against the ring post.

In the ring Callihan twisted Kojima’s fingers and wrist then he spit at the referee before he hits his own chops before Kojima again hits Machine Gun Chops.

Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall then sets up for a Piledriver but Kojima blocked it. They each spit on each other. Kojima hit a DDT.

Callihan hit a back suplex before Kojima hits a Stunner then a clothesline for a near fall before he hits a Lariat for the win.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima (10:41)
Rate: 6