Pat McAfee Addresses Possible Wyatt Sicks Incident That Occurred On His Show

(Photo Credit: WWE)

This week’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show appeared to be interrupted at the end by Uncle Howdy’s Wyatt Sicks faction. In a post via Twitter/X, McAfee addressed the incident:

“At the end of yesterday’s show a startling and eery power outage took place in our ThunderDOME.. It shut down our progrum abruptly and left A LOT of folks worried and confused.. I, just like the rest of the boys, saw the assumptions of the Wyatt Sick6 being the culprits.. and that we might be dead.

We were gonna address those rumors earlier but didn’t think anybody would ever understand without actually seeing what happened.. So, we gathered all of our Generator Powered security camera footage to explain..

And all we can say is.. 🗣🗣 THANK GOD FOR @JackCarrUSA”

Author Jack Carr, writer of The Terminal List novel, is a former Navy SEAL and was a guest on McAfee’s show.