Pittsburgh Wrestling Event To Benefit Cancer Research This Friday

This Friday the Pittsburgh wrestling world will join forces with a few national and international stars for what has become the steel city’s super show of the year for the third edition of Stomp Out Cancer, a fundraiser that donates 100% of the event’s proceeds to the American Cancer Society. The August 16th card will be held in Lemont Furnace, PA as well-respected veteran grappler Brandon K donated the use of his Ryse Wrestling venue, a converted cinema, to host the event. With nearly a dozen matches scheduled and dozens of athletes slated to appear on the card, Stomp Out Cancer 3 will be the biggest in the fundraiser’s history, a project that donated nearly $6,000 total to the cause in the past two years with hopes of raising the biggest funds yet for The American Cancer Society this year.

The efforts to put together this annual event began two years ago from Matt and Kenny Tressler, two brothers that focused their fandom and passion for professional wrestling toward a cause close to their hearts. Matt and Kenny were two of the most familiar faces on the independent scene, attending events on a near weekly basis for over twenty years. Over those two decades, the brothers have worked in a variety of roles for nearly every local organization and developed friendships with several performers. Quite simply, the Tresslers became as known around the circuit as many of the athletes that had matches in the ring. Sadly, very similar to many people, cancer had a profound impact upon the Tressler family. Matt and Kenny’s mom was diagnosed with cancer in late-2011 and passed away shortly afterwards at the age of just 54. Mrs. Tressler was always known as a very caring lady, something she displayed often in her career as a nurse before her untimely passing so the brothers wanted to use the avenue of sports entertainment to honor her memory, as well as contribute to those that battle the terrible illness today.

“Never when we started did I think we could hit a milestone of $10,000. It blows my mind that each year more and more guys are looking to be involved. A lot of guys, as well as myself say this is the biggest show of the year as we honor loved ones that passed from cancer. This year we are honored to welcome international stars like Chase Owens and Sam Adonis. It’s just unbelievable that guys like Chris Hamrick and Dominic DeNucci are willing to take time out to lend their services to our cause. We’re beyond blessed at how the wrestlers, fans, and friends come together yearly for a common cause at this show,” Matt Tressler said.

After a successful follow-up and an event that garnered rave reviews in 2018, the Tresslers looked to use their vast lexicon of contacts to put together an even bigger event this year. Despite the in-ring mayhem that occurs almost every weekend in some form or fashion around the Pittsburgh area, many of the athletes consider it an honor to be invited to take part in a showcase that is run for such a worthwhile cause. Along with several wrestlers known around the tri-state area, there were some special additions to the card, including ECW original Chris Hamrick, WWWF star Dominic DeNucci for an autograph signing, and New Japan Pro Wrestling star, Chase Owens.

“These Stomp Out shows are so special to the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Our crew really looks forward to filming these shows because so many wrestlers come together for an amazing cause. This show is a great example of the good of the pro wrestling community,” said Missy Sorg, co-owner of the indywrestling.us production company that films many events in the area.

One of the most anticipated bouts on the card involve the previously mentioned Chase Owens as the member of the Bullet Club squares off against one of Pittsburgh’s best young stars and a talent that many already expect to be nationally known in just a few years, Lee Moriarty. With recent appearances in Absolute Intense Wrestling and Chikara, the rest of the independent landscape is only starting to realize what Pittsburgh has known for the past few years, Lee Moriarty has an extremely bright future in the industry. A rugby player in high school, Lee blends natural athleticism with a dedication to learn as many aspects of professional wrestling as possible, often studying a variety of styles to add to his in-ring offense. Known at Ryse Wrestling as, “The Apex of Combat,” Moriarty brings a combination of Japanese striking, lucha aerial maneuvers, and European technical grappling into the squared circle. For the athlete that was inspired to pursue sports by the iconic Bruce Lee, Moriarty considers the chance to test himself against the caliber of a wrestler such as Chase Owens a valuable opportunity in his career. Chase Owens brings an extensive international track record to this match-up, including competing against some of the biggest stars in New Japan, including Okada, Tanahashi, and many others.

“Looking forward to my match against Chase Owens at Stomp Out Cancer. Chase is a highly respected and well-traveled veteran. It will be a highly competitive match-up that I will be prepared for,” Moriarty said.

On August 16th, the fans in attendance at the Stronghold Arena in Lemont Furnace will see a great show for an even greater cause. It is a chance to see a unique blend of talent from every major promotion in Pittsburgh and several athletes from surrounding states. The addition of Chris Hamrick, Chase Owens, and DeNucci add another layer to the event as competitors from different eras want to contribute to the cause. The Stomp Out Cancer Event is a shining example of how a difference can be made through the shared dedication for the professional wrestling industry.

For more information, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/stompoutcancerpgh

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