Exclusive: Brooke Adams Reveals Discussions For A Reality Show, Talks About A Possible Last Match, More

(Photo Credit: @realbrookeadams)

Former TNA and WWE/ECW talent Brooke Adams exclusively spoke with PWMania.com’s Jose Gonzalez (@JoseOnTheAir) about what she’s been up to since she stepped away from the squared circle. She also revealed discussions for a potential reality show about her, comments on a possible final match, and more.

You can check out the complete interview below:

Brooke, how are you?

“I’m a mom now, so I’m like, not always in this. And when I come, I’m like, oh my God, I did have a freaking amazing career.”

Outside of the ring, you’ve made such a tremendous world for yourself. Even in real estate. So how’s it been finding that avenue outside of wrestling?

“Oh my God. So it’s kind of like my career in wrestling. Like when I got into wrestling, I was told I would only be a pretty face and that I wouldn’t be as successful as I was.

“And then when I started real estate, everybody’s kind of like, man, everybody’s a realtor. How are you going to do business? You know, most realtors are broke. They’re not going to sell a house. And honey, in the first year, I did 17 million in sales, which I mean, up here, I know that’s probably like five houses because of the price point. But it was a lot of houses in Houston. I did like my first year, I want to say three multimillion-dollar homes. That’s really unheard of. So I’ve been killing it, to say the least. And we are now in the works, hopefully, fingers crossed for a show.”

Is there a chance we could see you grace our television screens again in the near future?

“Man, that is what we are working on. So my broker, his name is Washington Ho, and he had a show called House of Ho on, I think it was HBO. And I’ve just connected with him and Christy Huckleby. She is just like this Texas hen-type woman, right? So we started meeting with their producers, and we’re working on possibly a reality show, but they also might want to do something that’s more based on my family and the restaurant bar that my husband just opened. They love me. They’re like, you’re energy, and you’re crazy, and you’re wild. You sell cats.

“I sell exotic cats and then houses. So it’s just a lot. And then, of course, I’m that sports mom, and I do sports seven days a week. And they’re like, we can really do something with this. I’m like, f**k yes we can. Let’s do it.”

Of course, you were a member of Extreme Expose back in the day.

“ECW! It is wild to think the young girl who did the Diva Search, that didn’t make it all the way, who was, teaching a lot of these girls auditioning who was what in wrestling, what wrestling was, because I was a fan since I was little. It is just wild. For it to be full circle to have the career that I’ve had and to be here in Philly. I love Philly because of course ECW. Such incredible milestones in my career that I’ll never forget.”

You’ve gotten to face so many great people like Gail Kim, Mickie James, winning the Knockouts Tag Titles with Tara. I know TNA recently did go back to their roots as TNA Wrestling. Is there a chance that there could be someone you might have your eyes on today’s product if there’s ever a chance to bring back one last match potentially?

“Deonna. Yes. I would love to work with her again because I was her first match. I was her first match when she was a wee little thing, and I whooped her ass. And now I think we need to redo it and see what we can do again. But definitely Deonna. She’s insane. I love her. She’s grown so much. I love seeing somebody come in and what they’ve done with it. Just take the ropes and f**king run with it. You know what I mean? Not a lot of women do that. Not a lot of women can. And she was very shy, you know? She was very… timid and shy and sweet, and now she’s just like, yeah, I’m here, and I love to see it. She’s just incredible, so.”

You never know when you’re gonna see a Butterface Maker again.

“Or the Asstastic! Never retired. Judy is never retired. She’s been begging me to come out of retirement she is, look, I sign autographs for not just Brooke or Miss Tessmacher, but Judy. I’m thinking I need a Twitter or something. Maybe an OnlyFans of just Judy. Just Judy.”

I mean, who knows? We might be hearing “Girl Got a Booty” through our speakers sometime soon.

“I know, oh my god. That’s the best song ever. Watching the big wrestlers, like big guys, they’re like walking to backstage, this girl’s got a booty. I’m like, are you singing my song? I know, it’s catchy, isn’t it? Like, I hate that song. I sing it all day. I’m hoping. That would be fun.”