Ric Flair Denies Being Drunk And Says He Was “Wrong For Getting Upset” At A Florida Restaurant

Ric Flair has admitted to getting upset during a headline-making incident at a Florida restaurant over the weekend.

The WWE Hall of Famer made the recent incident at Piesanos in Florida public after being asked to leave. In his first tweet, he explained that he was asked to leave after a disagreement with the kitchen manager, who he claimed was spending too much time in the restroom.

TikTok footage of the incident has surfaced, showing Flair insulting a man while denying any wrongdoing or profanity. At one point, the staff member mentioned that he would cut off Flair, implying that he had been drinking.

Flair, in a statement to The Gainsville Sun, clarified his side of the story. He claimed that a staff member approached him as he entered the restroom and asked him to ask the person to leave. According to Flair, the man went to use the stall, but Flair noticed him “texting away” through the cracks. After leaving the stall, Flair claimed that a female employee referred to him as a “peeping tom” and a “creep.”

While appearing on The MJ Morning Show on Q105 via TMZ, Flair stated, “It just escalated, and I was wrong for getting mad, but I kind of felt like I was defending my position” before admitting that he was “wrong for losing my temper. When I feel like I’m put in that area where I’m uncomfortable and all of a sudden everything just fell apart, I got upset.”

Flair stated that he should have simply walked out, but he was caught off guard when someone in the kitchen informed him that he was doing something wrong in the restroom. There was only him and the employee.

Flair denied being drunk or buzzed, saying he only had Michelob Ultras and “probably” two mixed drinks. Flair also stated that he ordered Piesanos from Uber Eats after the incident.