ROH TV Results – February 22, 2024

ROH TV Results – February 22, 2024

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Taya Valkyrie vs. Sussy Love

Taya Valkyrie dumps Sussy Love with a waist lock takedown only to get taken over by an arm drag and then a lucha arm drag out of the corner.

Valkyrie took back over with a clothesline then Love locks in the 6 second magic hold but Valkyrie fought out. Love tricked Valkyrie out to ringside with the splits then dove on her.

Johnny TV tried to distract Love and the ref, and Valkyrie used it to powerbomb Love on the apron then threw her into the ring steps.

Back in the ring Valkyrie chops Love and hits a Meteora in the corner for a two count.

Valkyrie locks in a chinlock and as Love fought out then Valkyrie hits a hair pull takedown then she did 2 more hair throws and got a two count off it.

Love hits a middle rope crossbody and an enzuigiri for a two count.

Love hit some knees in the corner then laid Valkyrie out on the middle rope then did a back handstand off the top and put knees into Valkyrie and got a two count.

Valkyrie hits a front Backpack Driver move and got a two count.

Both women traded chops in the middle until Valkyrie hits a spear then hits Shaina Pain for the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (7:19) (She will face Queen Aminata in the Quarter Finals)
Rate: 6

We get a recap of last week’s tournament matches.

Lee Johnson vs. Sonico

Sonico kicks away the Code Of Honor and said he’s here to fight before they traded headlock takedowns. Sonico hits a body trip and a cradle for a two count.

Lee Johnson came right back with a dropkick before Sonico hits a pop up knee strike and then a spinning headbutt to the gut for a two count.

Sonico used both feet to stretch out Johnson’s neck in the corner for a bit then Sonico hit a PK and got a two count. Johnson came back with a few clotheslines and a neckbreaker.

Johnson hit blue thunder for a two count then Sonico tried for a springboard move but got hit with a forearm then Johnson hits a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Red Velvet vs. Sandra Moone

Red Velvet hits a headlock takeover but Sandra Moone hit one of her own.

Moone hits a back suplex and got a two count then Velvet hits a cradle for a two count.

Velvet hits some arm drags then some strikes in the corner then Velvet did a leg choke in the corner. Moone hit a sliding clothesline and went to the top rope.

Moone hit a shotgun dropkick off the top for a two count then Velvet hits a leg sweep and standing moonsault for a two count.

Velvet did some arm wringing then the wrist stomp spot before she locks in a short arm scissor lock but Moone rolls through and got a two count.

Velvet tried a wheelbarrow move but got hit with a powerbomb for a two count then Moone hits a lariat for a two count.

Moone hits a back elbow and a forearm then a mule kick for a two count.

Moone tried a suplex move but got rolled up for a two count. Velvet hit her wheelbarrow bulldog for a two count.

Velvet & Moone traded forearms in the middle until Velvet hit a drop toe hold into the ropes and hit double knees.

Velvet missed her Mix Kick and Moone hits a fisherman’s buster for a two count.

Moone tried to go up top but Velvet cuts her off and hit a sunset flip off the top then hits The Mix to get the victory.

Winner: Red Velvet (9:01) (She will face Leyla Hirsch in the Quarter Finals)
Rate: 7

Taya Valkyrie told Sussy Love hello and goodbye in Spanish then said Love wasn’t TV ready

Danhausen vs. Brandon Cutler

Brandon Cutler hits a shoulder tackle and a Dab elbow drop before Danhausen tried to curse Cutler but he said he didn’t feel anything.

Cutler then tried to spray Danhausen with the cold spray only to find out it didn’t work.

Colt Cabana & Cutler cold sprayed themselves and Danhausen hits a scoop slam then Cutler took a breather on the outside.

Back in the ring Cutler did an airplane spin that made them both dizzy before both men traded punches in the middle of the ring as Cutler got the last strike in and fell down.

Danhausen came right back with a release northern lights then Danhausen did an outside in German suplex and called for his teeth but Cabana took them away.

Danhausen stole his cold spray and sprayed Cabana but Cutler got a roll up.

Danhausen then poured teeth in the mouth of Cutler and kicks them back out to put away Cutler.

Winner: Danhausen

We got a recap of the Athena & Nyla Rose feud.

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Abadon vs. Viva Van

Abadon & Viva Van traded creepy looks at each other before Abadon hits a headbutt and knees in the corner. Abadon hits a pendulum codebreaker move for a two count.

Abadon did a rope choke before Van came back with a knee lift and a spinning wheel kick for a two count. Van hit a bridging northern lights for a two count.

Van returns the rope choke and even locked in some fish hooks then Van locks in a tarantula hold in the ropes for the 5 count.

Van locks in a Bow & Arrow hold but Abadon rolls through for a one count.

Abadon hits a headscissors but got blasted right back down with a clothesline for a two count but Abadon just sat right back up.

Both women traded strikes until Abadon hit some clotheslines and a cutter for a two count.

Van came back with a double underhook slingshot suplex for a two count.

Van tried an electric chair move but got her arm bit before Abadon hits a running knee follow by Black Dahlia gets the win.

Winner: Abadon (5:48) (They will face Mercedes Martinez in the Quarter Finals)
Rate: 5

Ethan Page vs. Anthony Henry

Anthony Henry hits an arm drag and posed as Ethan Page mockingly claps for him.

Page hits an arm drag of his own and posed too then Henry hit a spin kick and did some more posing. Henry kneed the arm of Page then hits some wrist stomp.

Henry puts Page down with an arm wringer then Henry works the arm but Page powers out with a northern lights suplex. Page hits a clothesline and a big boot to fire up the crowd.

Page hit a powerslam for a two count then tries to hit Ego’s Edge but couldn’t keep him up and Henry hit a tornado DDT for a two count.

Henry locks in another arm hold but Page got to the ropes for a break.

Page hits a clothesline then connects with Headshot for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

A video package narrated by Renee Paquette aired and spotlighted her Queen Aminata interview.

Backstage Queen Aminata said she used to love Taya Valkyrie and her matches but that she’s changed into someone she doesn’t admire. Aminata said she’s going to be the 1st Women’s Television Champion.

1st Round Match Of The Women’s Television Title Tournament
Billie Starkz vs. Robyn Renegade

Billie Starkz & Robyn Renegade traded some arm work to a standstill then Starkz got a sunset flip for a two count and then she hits a head kick.

Renegade got a roll up for a two count then she hits a corner clothesline and a pair of chops. Starkz fired back with chops, punches and elbows in the corner.

Renegade came right back with a shotgun dropkick and a corner choke then Renegade hits a bridging fisherman’s suplex for a two count.

Renegade hits a backstabber for a two count. Starkz hit a rewind kick and a clothesline for the double down.

Both women traded strikes in the middle until Renegade hits a enzuigiri but ran right into a spin kick which got Starkz a two count.

Renegade rolls to the outside and Starkz dove after her and did it a 2nd time.

Crowd chants 1 more time but Renegade caught her on the 3rd dive and rams her into the apron then back in the ring Renegade hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside.

Renegade rolls in the ring and asked for a the count out but Starkz made it into the ring at 10. Renegade tried a pair of covers but only got two counts.

Starkz hits a half snap dragon then locks in a hammerlock neck vice with a knee in the back & Renegade taps out.

Winner By Submission: Billie Starkz (9:47) (She will face Diamante in the Quarter Finals)
Rate: 7

Backstage Lexy Nair asked Ethan Page about his 12-2 record and what he’s going to do next. Page said that Television Champion Kyle Fletcher is ducking him but that’s ok because he gets to keep building his rapport with the ROH crowd. Page said the rapport is growing and so is his fire and momentum. Page said that when Fletcher comes back it’s not going to be the same place he left.

Fatal 4 Way Match
Komander vs. Matt Sydal vs. AR Fox vs. Exodus Prime

Exodus Prime took out AR Fox early but then got taken out by Matt Sydal & Komander.

Komander & Sydal did some early lucha spots and got trap pins on each other for two counts.

Sydal hits a headscissors on Komander & Fox came back in with cutters for everyone.

Prime came back in and he ate an enzuigiri from Fox then a rolling cutter that got Fox a near fall.

Sydal hits a double move on Komander & Fox then hits a standing spiral tap on Fox for a near fall that was broken up. Prime hit a running back elbow for a two count on Sydal.

Prime hits a twisting elbow off the middle rope for a two count on Sydal before Fox hits a rolling Anarchist Suplex on Prime for a two count.

Fox locks in a single leg crab as Sydal locks in a crossface and Komander locks in an armbar all on Prime but eventually Komander let go and broke it up.

Komander locks in a surfboard on the apron and Fox dove over it onto Prime at ringside.

Sydal hits double knees off the top onto Komander on the apron as Sydal & Fox hits back elbows on Prime in the corner.

Komander belly 2 belly suplexes Fox into that same corner onto Prime.

Komander hits a wheelbarrow stomp then a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Komander went up top but Prime cut him off and tried a superplex but Komander flips out. Prime hits a looking inverted powerslam move that got him a two count on Komander.

Sydal hit an Air Raid Crash on Fox for a two count then Sydal went up top and Prime cuts him off and Sydal fell to the floor.

Komander came up and got fought off too before Fox cuts off Prime and hits a split leg superplex then a 450 splash for a near fall.

Komander hits a headscissors on Sydal to send him to ringside.

Fox hits a wall walk moonsault on Sydal on the outside. Komander dumps Fox outside.

Komander hits a huge tornado DDT on Prime then hits a rope walking shooting star to get the win.

Winner: Komander

Backstage Billie Starkz told Robyn Renegade that she brought the fight tonight. Starkz said this tournament is hers. She said she wasn’t better than Athena but everyone else is worse than her.

Women’s Title 2 Out Of 3 Tables Match
Athena (c) vs. Nyla Rose

1st Table

Athena got dropped by some headbutts early and a Samoan Drop as Rose went to ringside and set up a table.

Athena hits a dropkick and tried to hurricanrana Rose into the table but got Beast Bomb into the apron then Beast Bomb through the table.

Rose 1-0

2nd Table

Rose threw Athena into the ring and grabs another table and pushes it into the ring.

Athena pushed the table into the gut of Rose and ran her into the barricade with it.

Athena superkicks Rose and slid the table into the ring before Athena kicks Rose in the ribs and went into the ring and tried to dive on her but Rose caught her and chokeslams Athena onto the ring apron.

Rose threw Athena shoulder first into the ring steps and celebrated in the beard of a fan.

Back in the ring Rose hit a scoop slam then hits a running splash and then a cannonball in the corner. Rose set the table up in the corner and Athena slams her head into it.

Athena hits a headscissors and tried a scoop but couldn’t get her up.

Athena countered a Biel toss attempt and hits a superkick before Rose came back with a running crossbody that sent Athena to ringside.

Rose put the corner table back down and followed Athena outside.

Rose tried to cannonball Athena against the barricade but Athena moved and hit a shotgun dropkick into the barricade. Athena sets up a table at ringside.

Athena pulls Rose up onto the apron by the table and both women fought with strikes.

Rose tried to chokeslam Athena but Athena flips over the ropes and hits O Face and Rose fell through the table.

Athena 1-1

3rd Table

Athena sets the in ring table back up on the mat as Rose climbs back in the ring and Athena tried to pick her up but fell down under the weight.

Rose picked up Rose but Athena snuck out then Rose hits a big boot and laid Athena out on the table and climbed to the middle rope. Athena slid off the table and cut her off.

Athena fell down to the apron as they continued to jockey for position before Athena hits an electric chair slam through the table at ringside to get the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Athena (2-1) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

Quarter Finals

Diamante vs. Billie Starkz

Mercedes Martinez vs. Abadon

Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Queen Aminata vs. Taya Valkyrie