Taz And TNA Wrestling Star Get Into An Online Feud, But Eventually Work Things Out

TNA Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace shared a picture of herself working out on Twitter/X on Tuesday, saying, “Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you.” Taz responded to the use of his trademark with “Swing and a miss!”

Grace responded with this message:

“Not being able to quote legends that I’ve emulated for years wasn’t in my pro wrestling handbook, but duly noted.”

Taz then said the following in a video statement:

“I’ve been burnt before. I’ve had people make money off me and I try to protect all of my trademarks… Some fans think it’s petty to say something, but it’s not, it’s just being protective of stuff you’ve built.”

“I’m a fan of her work, it was just maybe me jumping the gun. I’m looking forward to, one day, crossing paths with Jordynne, I’m sure we’ll giggle about it and laugh.”

Here was Grace’s response:

“All good!! I was mostly surprised. I don’t tag because I don’t ever want to seem like a boot licker, but I got you next time. Watching an old match of you vs Bigelow and wrestling at the ECW arena this weekend inspired the tweet, 100% an homage! We got the same body type 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻”