Tenth Entrant Announced For MLW Battle Riot VI

Major League Wrestling (MLW) announced that World Middleweight Champion Mistico is the tenth entrant in their upcoming Battle Riot VI match on Saturday, June 1st at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. The winner of which will receive a title shot anytime and anywhere.

You can check out the full announcement below:

Místico enters MLW Battle RIOT VI in Atlanta

The MLW World Middleweight Champion will RIOT June 1 live on YouTube.

MLW today announced Místico as a participant in the 40-wrestler MLW: Battle RIOT VI on Saturday, June 1 at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

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Fresh off of an iconic title match this past Saturday, MLW World Middleweight Champion Místico will now attempt reign supreme over 39 other combatants in the Battle RIOT.

Shattering records as the biggest box office draw in Mexico, Místico is one of Mexico’s grandest luchadores.

A perennial main eventer in CMLL, Místico has won countless titles and become a crossover star, appearing in several TV shows and music videos in Mexico.

Místico’s legacy continues on as the MLW World Middleweight Champion looks to win his first Battle RIOT.


A mash-up of a battle Royale and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds. There will be surprises! There will be legends! There will be surprise entrants… and there will be no disqualifications! Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope. Anything is possible in a Battle Riot!


The winner gets a World Heavyweight Title Shot anywhere, anytime! It could be that night; it could be in 6 months. The challenger has the key to unlock an instant title shot against whoever the champion is!

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