Thunder Rosa Reveals She Is Excited That Her AEW In-Ring Return Is Drawing Closer

Former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio, where she talked about a number of topics such as how she is excited that her AEW in-ring return is happening soon and how it is great news that she will get the chance to compete in an AEW ring again.

Rosa said, “It’s great news. I get to get in the ring. For those who are questioning if I’ve just been taking a big break because I like to do stuff, no, I am getting ready, and I’m excited. Just stay tuned. There’s a lot more stuff, I gotta be on my vlog, in terms of that. So that’s your answer, if you want to go on my vlog and listen and see.”

Rosa also talked about how fans should watch her vlog as it will explain her injury and show how not only does she have a back issue, but majority of people living in the United States have the same issue as well.

“I have graphics and everything explaining the injury, you can see it. When he said the pathology’s still there, that means I still have the injury, I just don’t have any pain. So I’m living, and thousands and millions of people probably in the United States live with back pain and back problems, and I’m one of them.”

You can check out Thunder Rosa’s full comments below:

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