Tony Khan Reacts To Fan Criticism About AEW Collision’s Ratings

AEW ratings have consistently been subject to criticism from fans, regardless of their merits, due to the fact that the fanbase is divided between WWE and AEW, and tribalism is prevalent.

AEW Collision has been on air for over a year. It was initially conceptualized with the intention of constructing the show around CM Punk and dividing the rosters to prevent those who oppose Punk and those who support him from encountering each other in the wake of the All Out brawl in 2022.

Before his departure, Punk was only on the show for a few months. The show was transitioning to a more balanced roster depth, with all of its stars being utilized occasionally, including AEW World Heavyweight Champion Swerve Strickland, Samoa Joe, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and others.

The show has garnered strong ratings over the past two weeks. The June 8th episode attracted 388,000 viewers with a 0.13 key demo rating, while the June 15th episode attracted 431,000 viewers with the same demo rating. The second-highest viewership of the year occurred last week.

As seen below, AEW President Tony Khan responded to fan criticism of the show’s ratings.