Adam Cole Comments On WWE NXT Victory, Marty Scurll Update

– While speaking to, Adam Cole commented on NXT defeating AEW in viewership this week:

“We’re just mainly focused on trying to put on a really exciting, cool show. And last night’s show was just an absolute blast, with the guys from ‘Raw,’ the guys from ‘SmackDown,’ the matches that happened, it was just a really, really cool night and so I’m glad so many people enjoyed it.”

– Marty Scurll’s ROH contract expires on November 30th and Dave Meltzer of noted the following regarding his future:

“The belief is that Scurll’s two places he most wants to go are AEW, which many thought it was a given from the day it was launched and I’ll just say it was not a given but certainly always a chance, or New Japan, but New Japan could mean staying with ROH and working more New Japan.”

Meltzer added that WWE can’t be ruled out since Scurll lives in Florida but the “strong sense is that isn’t happening.”

Scurll is not being advertised for ROH’s Final Battle which could indicate that AEW is the favorite to acquire his services.