AEW Collision Review – March 9, 2024

AEW Collision Review – March 9, 2024

Bryan Danielson vs. Shane Taylor

Shane Taylor overpowering Bryan Danielson and winning a test of strength.

Danielson responded with kicks to the leg but Taylor drops him with a punch to the head and chops in the corner.

Danielson reversed things and hit a series of kicks in the corner then Danielson followed up with additional kicks and strikes. Danielson began going to work on Taylor’s leg.

Danielson dropkicks Taylor’s leg in the corner before Taylor retaliated with a knee lift and a straight punch knocking Danielson to the floor as we go to a break.

After the break Taylor remained in control and leg drops Danielson with his throat exposed on the ring apron. Taylor hit additional chops in the corner.

Danielson came back by dropkicking the knee before Taylor missed a splash in the corner.

Danielson went back to work on the knee wrapping it around the ring post several times.

Danielson hits a flying shotgun dropkick. Danielson hit a series of kicks on the hamstring.

Danielson hits more kicks to the chest while Taylor was on his knees then Danielson went for the cover and Taylor kicks out at one.

Danielson hits 2 running kicks in the corner then he misses the 3rd one and Taylor hits a clothesline and scored a near fall.

Taylor hit some kicks and Danielson responded with forearms then Taylor hits a headbutt before he slams Danielson down to the mat and splashed him for a near fall.

Taylor missed a cannonball in the corner then Danielson went for Busaiku Knee but Taylor caught him.

Taylor went for a powerslam but Danielson slips out and hit a series of kicks.

Taylor missed a clothesline and Danielson hits Busaiku Knee for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After the match Will Ospreay came out & grabs the microphone and got a 2nd one for Danielson. He told the fans to applaud the match they had just seen. He told Danielson that it’s incredible to watch him work and for the number of years he’s been doing this, he’s still performing at the highest level. He adds that in the short time he’s been in AEW, he’s noticed a lot of things including that the backstage sandwiches are lovely. He’s also noticed that when Danielson walks the halls, the other talent looks at him and says That’s Bryan Danielson.

Ospreay said that Danielson sets the bar and the standard. He added that Danielson’s enthusiasm for wrestling was infectious and that he inspires everyone that loves pro wrestling. He thanked Danielson for everything he’s done. He then brought up Danielson interrupting the end of his match on Dynamite. He said he has that warped feeling that Danielson has something he wants to ask him.

Danielson said that’s about half right, as he has something he wants to ask him and something he wants to say to him. 1st he welcomed Ospreay to AEW. Then he mentioned Ospreay’s match with Konosuke Takeshita at Revolution. Danielson said that not only did Ospreay win but it was one of the best matches he’s ever seen. But he also listened to Ospreay at the media scrum where he’s been screaming for years that he’s the best wrester in the world and that he’s come to AEW to prove it. Danielson said he wants to give him that chance.

With that Danielson challenged Ospreay to a match at Dynasty on April 21st. Ospreay accepted and they shook hands.

Trios Match
The Elite (Matthew Jackson, Nicholas Jackson & Kazuchika Okada) vs. The Skulk (Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray) & Jon Cruz

Kazuchika Okada starts the match and took turns dominating The Skulk & Jon Cruz then hits Rainmaker on Liam Gray for the win.

Winners: The Elite

After the match Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston ran out but was quickly beaten down by The Elite. Pentagon Jr ran out for the save by attacking Young Bucks but being stopped by Okada. The beatdown continued until PAC made his return and clears the ring of the Young Bucks. He faced off with Okada and traded blows. PAC hits Okada with a German suplex then charged at Okada but Young Bucks pulls Okada out of the ring.

PAC grabs the mic and said he’ll make this very clear the Bastard’s back and he’s looking for trouble. He said if they’re looking for trouble, they’re barking up the correct tree. He said if they want it he’ll give it to them as they reap what they sow.

Kingston took the mic and said Boston. Next week. 6 man tag. See you there.

A video recaps Darby Allin & Jay White’s segment from Dynamite.

Mariah May vs. Trish Adora

Mariah May & Trish Adora do some basic chain wrestling to start this match before Adora went to work on the arm and used some power moves to take down May.

May slaps Adora and took her down with a flying headscissors and a shotgun dropkick as we go to a break.

After the break Adora knocks May down several times with double ax handle shots and senton splash for a near fall. Adora missed a strike and May took her down with a hair pull.

May went for a running knee strike but Adora ducks and hits a German suplex for a near fall.

May hits a headbutt and hit a running knee then follows up with May Day for the win.

Winner: Mariah May

After the match Women’s Champion Toni Storm came onto the stage with Luther. She introduced herself and said she was here to present the 1st annual Toni Award. She noted that it was Toni with an I so that they don’t get sued. She said the award was for an outstanding achievement at a professional wrestling event. She said the nominees were May for her portrayal of Storm at Revolution. She then announced May as the winner.

Storm walks to the ring to present May with the award but Deonna Purrazzo emerged and attacked her with a shoe. May ran up the aisle to help and DDTs Purrazzo on the stage. Storm & May celebrated with Storm placing 1 foot on Purrazzo to end the segment.

A video hyped the upcoming match between Willow Nightingale & Riho at Big Business.

Nick Wayne vs. Adam Priest

Nick Wayne drills Adam Priest to the mat with Wayne’s World for the win.

Winner: Nick Wayne

TNT Champion Christian Cage began arguing with a masked fan at ringside. The fan attacked Christian and pulls him over the barricade. He attacked Wayne & Killswitch as well. He then pulls off his mask to reveal himself to  be Adam Copeland.

Back in the ring Copeland had the TNT Title and a case of some kind. The Patriarchy surrounded the ring but backs up when Copeland opened the case. The contents were not revealed. Copeland grabs the mic and challenged Christian to Copeland vs. Christian 3 on Dynamite in Toronto on March 20th then announced it will be an I Quit match.

Lexy Nair was backstage with Mark Briscoe, The Jarretts, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh. Nair asked them about their strategy. Jeff Jarrett said that Saturday night is all right for fighting. Jarrett added the whole world wanted to know if he & Briscoe can trust each other. He told Briscoe that he doesn’t have to worry about trusting him. All he has to worry about is knowing that Jarrett will do anything to win the street fight. Lethal chimed in and said he trusts them both and hopes they trust him. Briscoe said he trusts Lethal knows Jarrett is a dog and yells let’s do this several times.

Chris Jericho vs. Titan

Chris Jericho took Titan down to start this match before Titan responded with an arm drag.

They exchanged chops before Titan took Jericho down with a kick then walks the top rope and took him down with a hurricanrana which sent Jericho to the floor.

Titan followed up with a dive to the floor then they traded blows on the floor before battling on the top rope.

Jericho hits a face plant off the top rope for a near fall as we go to a break

After the break it was still back & forth before Titan hits another dive onto Jericho on the floor then follows up with Angel Immortal for a near fall.

Jericho responded with a backbreaker for a near fall then he missed the Lionsault as Titan hits a spinning tornado DDT for a near fall.

Titan hit a flying double stomp for a near fall then went for a submission but waited too long and Jericho reversed it. Jericho went for Liontamer but Titan rolls him up for a near fall.

Titan attempted a dive off the 2nd rope but Jericho converted it into Codebreaker for a near fall. Jericho missed Judas Effect and was met with a kick.

Titan went for another hurricanrana off the top rope but Jericho caught him in Liontamer for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Chris Jericho

After the match Gates Of Agony ran out and attacks Jericho before FTW Champion Hook ran out with a kendo stick for the save and clears Gates Of Agony from the ring as we go to a break.

After the break Tony Schiavone was in the ring and introduced FTR. Tony said that FTR will have their chance to become 3x AEW World Tag Team Champions when the tournament starts next week on Collision. Wheeler said that Revolution did not go according to plan for FTR and all he can say is that’s life. He said that life can knock you down and kick while you’re there. He added that the only thing to do is to get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Wheeler said that 2024 marks 10 years of FTR a decade of them of getting knocked down getting back up dusting themselves off and moving forward. He mentioned that they will be in the tournament.

Harwood said that Collision has been built on the backs of tag team wrestling. He added that it would be easy for them to say that they’re the best tag team in the world, they’ll win the tournament and run the division but he said he’s not a liar and he cannot confidently say that FTR is firing on all cylinders. He added he has self doubt and perhaps FTR doesn’t belong in the tournament. But he told the fans if they’ll have them, they’ll give everything they have until they can’t get back up and until then they hope to become the 3x AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Harwood says Top Guys Out then The Infantry came out & Shawn Dean introduced them as the most dynamic, the most popular, the most handsome, the flyest, the coolest and most handsome tag team there is.  Carlie Bravo said they respect FTR and everything they’ve done. He added when it comes to the tournament may the best team win. They shook hands. Bravo concluded because we’re coming for both of your spots, so that we can give the tag team division what it really needs a revival. Harwood said that the joke was cute but The Revival is dead and if they meet in the tournament so is The Infantry.

Mistico vs. Angelico

Mistico hits Angelico with a springboard elbow as we go to a break.

After the break Angelico was in control until Mistico took him down with a hurricanrana, a 619 and a flying dropkick sending Angelico to the floor. Mistico dove onto Serpentico.

Mistico then continued the attack on Angelico on the floor then back in the ring Mistico hits a senton splash from the top rope for a near fall.

Angelico rolls up Mistico for a near fall then they exchanged clotheslines and kicks.

After a couple of additional near falls Mistico traps Angelico in an arm bar submission for the tap out win.

Winner By Submission: Mistico

After the match Mistico shook hands with Spanish Announce Project.

Trios Atlanta Street Fight
House Of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King) vs. Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett

The brawl started as Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett made their way to the ring.

Briscoe & Lethal took turns diving onto Brody King & Malakai Black before Lethal pulls out a table.

Jarrett attacks Buddy Matthews with a chair as Briscoe pulls out a 2nd table.

Briscoe pulls out multiple chairs as King crashed into a chair while charging at Lethal.

Jarrett attacks King with the chair before Black kicked Jarrett onto the timekeeper’s table.

Lethal charged at King but King caught him and placed him on the table.

King splashed Lethal through the table before Matthews brawled with Briscoe.

Briscoe went to dive onto Matthews on the floor but King pushed him off the top rope.

Briscoe overshot the table and landed back first on the chairs as we go to a break.

After the break Matthews put lighter fluid on a table at ringside before Black could light it Sonjay Dutt hits King with Jarrett’s guitar.

King no sold the shot and Dutt slips away back to the locker room but TBS Champion Julia Hart blocked Dutt from leaving and gave Matthews gasoline that he dumped on Dutt.

Hart went to light Dutt on fire but Karen Jarrett came out and low blows Matthews.

Dutt pushes Matthews off the stage and through a table. Hart low blows Dutt and spit the black mist in Karen’s eyes.

Back in the ring Jarrett & Lethal teamed up on King before Lethal & King exchanged blows.

King locks in a sleeper hold and drops Lethal from the apron.

Jarrett smashed his guitar over King’s head and King fell through a table at ringside before Black hits Black Mass on Jarrett.

Black went to hit Briscoe with the spike but Briscoe blocked and hits Jay Driller on Black.

Briscoe went to attack Black with the spike but Hart grabbed Briscoe’s leg.

Briscoe went to dive onto Black & Matthews at ringside but they caught him and powerbombed him on the apron.

They then lit the table on fire and powerbombs Briscoe through it.

Black rolls Briscoe back in the ring and covers him for the win.

Winners: House Of Black