AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 Draws Gate Of Over $580,000

According to Pollstar, a report from WrestleNomics reveals that the 2024 AEW Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas drew a gate of $582,204.

The report also stated that the episode of AEW Collision that took place the night prior in the same venue drew $112,298 from a total of 3,944 tickets sold.

This would make Double or Nothing the second highest grossing AEW PPV of 2024, only behind Revolution back in March, but this will most likely change after AEW All In London, a show that has already sold 40,000+ tickets. It should be known that the 2022 AEW Double or Nothing PPV event drew a gate of over $1 million and the 2023 event drew just over $900,000.

AEW budgeted $3,868,200 for Double or Nothing and Collision. The final Double or Nothing PPV buys have yet to be revealed, and it will determine if the company was profitable for the weekend, but AEW did apply for a tax credit of $373,388 with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.