AEW Dynamite Review – March 27, 2024

AEW Dynamite Review – March 27, 2024

Will Ospreay vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Both men starts the match trying to test each other out before Will Ospreay keeps Katsuyori Shibata grounded with a headscissors but Shibata escapes and just nearly misses a PK.

Ospreay comes right back with a dropkick and keeps Shibata cornered with punches.

Ospreay sends Shibata to the outside with another kick before meeting him there with a crossbody off of the ropes.

Shibata stops Ospreay with a kick on the apron as they are trying to get back in the ring and stays on top of him on the outside.

Shibata stays in control with a brainbuster and kicks the back of Ospreay before he gets back in the ring and poses as Ospreay is on the outside.

Back inside they start trading chops and strikes that Shibata stops with a back suplex as we go to our 1st picture in picture.

After the break they fight on the outside where Ospreay springboards off the barricade with a forearm before hitting another springboard forearm back inside the ring for a two count.

Shibata comes back with multiple chops and strikes to Ospreay in the corner where he grounds him and hits his dropkick.

Back & forth before Shibata catches Ospreay off the ropes, right into an STF.

Shibata follows with a PK but Ospreay catches his 2nd attempt at one.

Ospreay hits OsCutter then a cover but Shibata kicks out at 1 and they go back & forth before Ospreay hits a back suplex and uppercut for a two count.

Ospreay comes back with a Tiger Driver and the Hidden Blade for the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay (Recommend)

After the match they show each other respect.

We get a video package on Bryan Danielson talking about his entire wrestling history and coming to AEW.

Backstage Renee Paquette is with Young Bucks in the back & says that she is being negative bringing up Private Party defeating them in the past and they start asking for Alex Marvez instead. They talk about retiring Sting, restructuring The Elite, Kazuchika Okada winning the Continental Title fair and square and telling him he can relax tonight and watch from the back. They talk about getting their AEW World Tag Team Titles back writing the wrong and getting the win back with Private Party and how lightning never strikes twice. They end the segment by telling Paquette to smile more.

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Matthew Jackson & Isiah Kassidy start the match as Matthew tells Kassidy to show him some respect which he does not and goes for pin attempts.

Both teams start going at it with Private Party sending Young Bucks to the outside with superkicks where they meet them with topes.

Matthew tries to send Private Party over the barricade but they come right back with Silly String.

Nicholas Jackson & Marq Quen start fighting on the barricade where Nicholas hits a Falcon Arrow to the floor.

Young Bucks try to get the count out victory but Kassidy tosses Quen back inside before he can get counted out.

Young Bucks stay in control as we go to picture in picture break.

After the break Quen takes out Matthew with a Side Effect before making the hot tag to Kassidy who goes after Young Bucks.

Kassidy continues to fight them both off hitting Nicholas with an Asai Moonsault and a springboard crossbody on Matthew for a two count.

Nicholas takes out Quen with a suplex on the apron before tagging out to Matthew as they continue to double team on Quen.

Nicholas breaks up Private Party from winning the match and grabs the ring bell but Rick Knox takes it away from him.

During all this, Matthew hits Kassidy with a low blow but Quen takes out Nicholas with one of the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

Quen goes for the cover but Matthew is there to put Nicholas foot on the rope to break up the pin.

Matthew dodges a 630 attempt from Quen as Young Bucks follow with an attempt at an EVP Trigger that goes horribly wrong for the win.

Winners: Young Bucks 

We get a video with Don Callis hyping up Konosuke Takeshita before tonight’s main event against Swerve Strickland.

We see a video of Darby Allin on crutches with Tony Hawk as they talk about raising funds for Hawk’s skate parks and how Allin has another plan since he can’t climb Mt. Everest this year as we see him sitting on the ramp as Hawk does tricks off his broken foot.

Backstage Renee Paquette is with FTW Champion Hook & Chris Jericho as we hear Jericho’s proposition for Hook. Jericho said after being in the ring with Hook, he exceeded the expectations and got the biggest victory in his career. Jericho says he’s ok and proud of Hook and talks about never having a school or managing anybody but after 33 years in this business if Hook wants any advice he is there for him. Hook says he respects Jericho but he knows who he is. Jericho says he knows who Hook is but more importantly who he could be as Hook says let’s get it.

TBS Title #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match
Willow Nightingale vs. Kris Statlander vs. Anna Jay vs. Skye Blue

Skye Blue superkicks Kris Statlander taking her to the outside as Willow Nightingale whips Anna Jay into Blue knocking her back off the apron.

They all start going at it including Nightingale pouncing Blue right in front of Mercedes Mone and getting in her face as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Statlander is in control and heads to the top rope but Jay stops her and hits a superplex that Nightingale breaks up a pin attempt at two with a senton.

Nightingale tries Babe With The Powerbomb but Blue reverses it with a rollup for a two count before hitting Code Blue then goes for a cover which Statlander breaks up.

Jay attacks both Blue & Statlander trying to cover them both but they both kick out.

Nightingale comes back with a missile dropkick on Jay before going face 2 face with Statlander. Blue tries to stop them but gets double teamed.

Blue & Nightingale fight on the apron where Nightingale hits a Death Valley Driver.

Jay & Statlander go at it before Nightingale runs in and hits Babe With The Powerbomb on Jay for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The TBS Title: Willow Nightingale

After the match TBS Champion Julia Hart runs in and takes out Nightingale with her TBS Title before staring down Mone who stands up and gets closer.

Backstage Renee Paquette is with Dustin Rhodes talking about this year he’s been having before The Butcher walks in and they make a match for this Friday’s Rampage. Rhodes ends it by saying everybody loves him including Canada.

We go to Women’s Champion Toni Storm with Ben Mankiewicz at the Turner Classic Movies studios as Storm tries to get him to do her catchphrase with her which he doesn’t do.

We get a video package for Swerve Strickland carrying the chain saying he has his eyes set on AEW World Champion Samoa Joe after he’s done with Konosuke Takeshita tonight.

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta)

Orange Cassidy takes Matt Taven to the outside as Mike Bennett attacks Trent Beretta with a lariat before taking out Taven with a tope.

Bennett joins in before Cassidy hits a top rope dive to them on the outside.

Undisputed Kingdom stays in control with Bennett taking out Beretta with a piledriver on the apron as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Cassidy gets the hot tag and go after Undisputed Kingdom by hitting a top rope crossbody on Taven and a tornado DDT attempt right into a Stundog Millionaire on Bennett.

Taven comes right back with a knee strike before Roderick Strong takes out Chuck Taylor on the outside and enters the ring to distract Cassidy but he takes him to the outside and hits him with a suicide dive.

Undisputed Kingdom tries to hit a spiked piledriver on Beretta but Taylor takes out Bennett off the top rope as Beretta rolls up Taven for the win.

Winners: Best Friends (They will face Young Bucks in the Semi Finals)

After the match Young Bucks come out after to stare down Best Friends as they will face off on next week’s Dynamite in the Semi Finals of the AEW World Tag Team Title tournament. Young Bucks use their elevator just to enter and exit the staredown.

Backstage Renee Paquette with Kyle O’Reilly who says it’s good to be back but the roster is so deep there’s no such thing as an easy match. O’Reilly says he loves the Undisputed Kingdom but he has to do this on his own and says he will be in actually on Collision this Saturday in London Ontario.

We get a video package on Adam Copeland speaking right after winning the TNT Title last week against Christian Cage. Copeland talks about this being the 1st time he properly won a title since 2011 and now it’s time for him to defend this title and says the Cope Open is back this Saturday in London for Collision.

AEW World Title #1 Contenders Match
Konosuke Takeshita vs. Swerve Strickland

Konosuke Takeshita stops Swerve Strickland’s momentum at the start of the match with a forearm off the ropes. Takeshita stays in control as the referee tries to check on Strickland.

They fight on the ropes before Strickland hits a German suplex but Takeshita comes right back with a right punch sending Strickland to the outside and us into picture in picture.

After the break Strickland sends Takeshita to the outside where he hits him with a hurricanrana sends him back inside and hits a top rope crossbody for a one count.

Takeshita stays on top of Strickland with strikes and a knee strike that sends him to the outside where Strickland dives onto him.

Back inside they head to the corner where Strickland hits a snap DDT heads to the top rope and hits a Sky Twister for a two count.

They trade a poisonrana and a Blue Thunder Bomb but Strickland stops all the momentum with a right hook.

More back & forth until Strickland goes to the top rope just for Takeshita to roll to the apron as Strickland hits him with Swerve Stomp anyway.

Strickland heads to the top again and tries another Swerve Stomp only to be caught right into a powerbomb.

Strickland dodges a Falcon Arrow attempt before Takeshita turns it into a German suplex followed by the Power Drive knee then a cover but Strickland kicks out.

They head to the top rope as Strickland pushes Takeshita off and tries another Swerve Stomp that he misses.

Strickland sends Takeshita into the corner & hits House Call and finally hits Swerve Stomp then a cover as Takeshita kicks out at 2.

More back & forth before Strickland hits a pop up Swerve Stomp followed by Big Pressure for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The AEW World Title: Swerve Strickland (Recommend)

After the match Renee Paquette asks AEW World Champion Samoa Joe in the back how he’s feeling knowing he has to face Strickland 1 on 1 as Joe says next week Strickland will sign on the dotted line and he will make Strickland understand what he’s asking for before saying Strickland is not ready and not that man.

Remanding Quarter Final Matches 

Ricky Starks & Big Bill vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin)

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Semi Finals 

Young Bucks vs. Best Friends (Dynamite April 3rd)

Ricky Starks & Big Bill or Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) or The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Friday’s Rampage

Dustin Rhodes vs. The Butcher

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rose

Mariah May vs. Nikita

Non Title Match
International Champion Roderick Strong vs. Matt Menard (If Menard wins he gets a International Title match)

Saturday’s Collision 

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

TNT Title Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. TBD

Quarter Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
Ricky Starks & Big Bill vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin)

Kyle O’Reilly vs. TBD

Trios Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson) & Katsuyori Shibata vs. The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) & Lance Archer

Next Week’s Dynamite 

Semi Final Match Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson) vs. Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta)

Updated Dynasty Card (April 21st)

Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson

Finals Of The AEW World Tag Team Titles Tournament
Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson) or Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta) vs. TBD

TBS Title Match
Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

AEW World Title Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland