AEW Programming No Longer Available On The TelevisaUnivision Platform

Over the past year or so, All Elite Wrestling has signed a number of international streaming deals to have their programming air in different nations and countries all over the world, but it seems one of the company’s international broadcast deals has come to an end.

Back in 2023, AEW signed a multi-year streaming deal with TelevisaUnivision to broadcast their weekly television shows and other additional content on the network’s ViX platform all across Mexico as well as select Latin American and Caribbean nations and despite an official announcement not being made as of yet from either AEW or the network company, AEW’s weekly programming is no longer available on the streaming platform, news that was shared by a statement on a support page.

According to Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, All Elite Wrestling’s deal with TelevisaUnivision has been estimated at $150,000 annually, although no public confirmation has been made from either side.

AEW’s multi-year streaming deal with DAZN is another international programming agreement that is said to no longer be available. AEW has signed a few other international streaming deals in the past, including with ESPN, ITV, EuroSport, Sky, or TNT in Germany, but there is no word yet on whether those deals are affected as well.