Backstage News Regarding DX Segment At WWE RAW Reunion

During Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s recent podcast, him and Scott Hall discussed the DX vs. OG segment on RAW Reunion and how Ricochet was originally supposed to be Rollins’ spot.

Hall: “It was the perfect spot for him because we could’ve given the rub to him,” said Scott. “Yeah, you bunch of haters, it was gonna be Ricochet and we were trying to elevate him!”

“What people don’t realize is that everybody in that room when it was presented to us said, ‘Well, geez. Kinda burying those guys.’ It was addressed and it was overruled,” Hall explained.

X-Pac: “We said it. It’s just like … what’re we gonna do? Say ‘No, we’re not gonna do it?’”

Check out the full podcast below.