Booker T Discusses AEW Signing Veteran Wrestlers

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently took to an episode of his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including AEW needing someone to play a leadership role and how TNT Champion Christian Cage has done just that.

Booker T said, “He’s going to apply some leadership. I really believe that. I think Christian has done a good job as far as playing that leadership role. You haven’t heard a whole lot about Christian being over there in that company other than the stuff that he’s doing on television. That’s the only thing you’ve heard about Christian since he’s been in that company. And what does that tells me? This tells me he’s taking care of his business. Opposed to thinking about anything else. Any outside interests, Any outside distractions. He’s thinking about taking care of his business. People can say about what people can say, what they want to say about Luchasaurus and everybody that’s been around. Christian. But Christian seemed like he’s made all those guys better. Some way shape whether you, you know don’t see I don’t see you lose your source jumping on it, jumping over anything anymore.”

Booker T also talked about AEW signing veteran wrestlers to the company and how he believes it is not a negative.

“I said the same thing about Nick Aldis [not being a negative for WWE to bring in an older wrestler]. I said, Nick Aldis, is he still in the prime of his career? No, he’s not as far as those years where he could go as long and hard as he could go when he was like, say, in his early mid-20s, early 30s. That’s prime years. So you could say that that’s not a negative on anybody. But these days, people want to make that a negative. As far as you are saying something like that, but it’s not. I knew I knew when I was King Booker I was nowhere near my prime. But damn it, I could still go. I could still work with the best of them. I could still perform and make you think it was at my top level. And that’s what performers do. But was I anywhere near my prime when I was King Booker? No, I wasn’t. And I know it. And everybody that does this knows when they got in that ring when they were, you know, that stud, how they went. And then they know after they get that bump card checked off a few times how it feels as well. So it’s just being honest. It’s just being honest.”

You can check out Booker T’s complete podcast in the video below.