Brody King Trends On Twitter After An Instagram Story About Police Officers Goes Viral

AEW star Brody King posted an Instagram story with a photo of The Big Boss Man hanging from a noose at WWE WrestleMania 15 with the caption “All cops are Big Boss Man.” “Brody King” became a Twitter trend after fans shared the Instagram story.

The following was posted on Twitter by the account @PWPNation:

“Brody King, What the heck is wrong with you, man? ALL COPS? ??‍♂️ There are bad people in every single industry all over the world. ALL INDUSTRIES.”

For several years, King has been critical of police officers on Twitter. In response to a story headlined L.A. County Sheriffs Point Guns at Black Teens Under Attack, King wrote in 2020, “please tell me more about how there’s ‘good cops’”