Bryan Danielson Talks About The Blackpool Combat Club Having A Book Club

AEW star “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson recently spoke with Sports Illustrated on a number of topics including how the Blackpool Combat Club, a faction he is a part of in the company, has a book club.

Danielson said, “Yes, there is a BCC book club. We recommend books to each other. Reading is fantastic. Once you open the door to the world of books, there is so much to learn… The BCC book club helps us stay connected. We share the belief that reading can enhance your life.”

“Moxley is a big reader, too. He loves to read and think and analyze. He’s very creative. Claudio reads a little less than we do, but he likes to read. Wheeler, I’m not sure of his reading status [laughs]. We are focused on trying to read more.”