Chelsea Green Asked To Leave A Hotel Because She “Looked Like An Escort”

(Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling)

The following is a post that Chelsea Green made on her Twitter/X account earlier this week:

“Man… one night you’re wrestling at Barclays Center, having the time of your life and the next you’re being kicked out of @FairmontHotels and accused of being an escort because of your outfit?‍?. Life is funny! Maybe next year I won’t celebrate Wrestlemania weekend at The Plaza Hotel LOL…”

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You can check out her post below: spoke with Chelsea and received more details about the alleged incident:

“Green told us she and her friend made their way to The Plaza’s Champagne Bar around 5:45 PM on Tuesday to grab a drink before going to a Broadway show … but were told they would have to leave since they were not hotel guests. For what it’s worth — we called the Champagne Bar and asked if they were open to the public … and we were told they are open to the public.

Green said a patron saw the whole thing unfold and invited them into the bar … and after they walked by security, the staffers went ballistic — screaming something along the lines of, ‘Get back here. We aren’t playing your games. We know what you’re doing here.’ Green took issue with the comments … as she believed they were insinuating she was an escort ’cause of her outfit — a white off-the-shoulder top, denim skirt, brown boots and dark coat.

The wrestling vet admitted she was shook over the whole thing … so she decided to briefly leave the area before returning to speak with the front desk over the issue. Green said she was ‘pissed’ and ’embarrassed’ after the encounter … and when she made her way to the lobby, three new security guards chased after her and told her to leave. It didn’t stop there — Green said when she was finally able to speak with a manager, the same security guards stood nearby and laughed.”

In the video below,’s Jose Gonzalez takes you inside WWE World at WrestleMania as part of the WrestleMania 40 weekend in Philadelphia.

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