Cody Rhodes Calls Out Roman Reigns And Brock Lesnar At WWE Supershow Live Event (Video)

(Photo Credit: TMZ)

Cody Rhodes was defeated by Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WWE WrestleMania 39, a shocking result given that many expected him to dethrone “The Tribal Chief.”

Rhodes quickly transitioned into a program with Brock Lesnar in which he defeated “The Beast Incarnate” at Backlash, only for them to work a rematch at Night of Champions next Saturday.

Following his street fight with Finn Balor at Saturday’s Supershow live event, Rhodes called out Reigns and Lesnar, who had been mistakenly advertised for the live event by WWE.

“My theory is that the reason that Roman Reigns didn’t want to be here is because he is afraid of me. And that theory also extends to my opponent at the Night of Champions, Brock Lesnar. I’ll make you a promise. The next time I come back here, my promise is this. I hope to have defeated Brock Lesnar not just once but twice. And I also hope that I’ll be wearing some gold around my waist. Thank you, guys, very much,” Rhodes stated.

You can check out footage of the promo below. Click here for complete Supershow results.